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Off-roading in a Jeep Wrangler is one of the greatest motoring activities you could ever hope to do. The mud, the dirt, the sand, the rocks, and wondering if you’ll get home is a ball of anxiety and high-test excitement. However, sometimes you simply get stuck and have to get pulled out. And, sometimes, your Wrangler runs out of oil, and your engine dies. That’s where the off-road recovery crew comes in.

A Jeep Wrangler blew its motor and had to get an off-road recovery crew to tow it out of a canyon in Utah
Jeep Wrangler being towed out | Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Off-road recovery is one of the gnarliest jobs on Earth

We’ve covered incredible off-road recoveries by the crew of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery before. Remember the Chevy Silverado stuck on the cliff? Well, this recovery of a dead Jeep Wrangler might take the cake. 

According to The Drive, the driver of the Jeep Wrangler wasn’t aware of how little oil there was in it and ultimately blew the engine at the bottom of a canyon in Utah. The Wrangler’s Pentastar V6 was slap out of oil before the trip got too far underway. By the time the V6 gave up, the Jeep was fairly deep into the wild. 

Once the owner realized the grave mistake, it was too late, and the Wrangler was completely dead. He then called up Matt and his crew to come to bail them out of their misadventure. Matt and his team showed up with a convoy of purpose-built 4x4s to concoct a way out of the mire. 

How to get a Jeep Wrangler unstuck? Bring more Jeeps

The off-road recovery crew shows up with a pile of 4x4s to get the dead Jeep moving. An old XJ rolls up first to get the Wrangler in position for towing. That’s when the off-road tow truck steps in. It may look like the vehicle of choice for Leatherface, but this thing is tough as nails. According to The Drive, It’s an old K10 with a 383 and an SM465 four-speed stick. 

Once the tow truck is in the right position, and everything is ready to go, they link up with the Wrangler and get to towing. The heavily modified K10 tow truck is also aided by the yellow Jeep XJ of Matt’s own making. 

Jeep getting towed out of a canyon in Utah
Off-road recovery of the Wrangler | Matt’s Off–Road Recovery

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The XJ is there to relieve the stress on the tow truck doing the actual hauling. The caravan of 4x4s is truly a sight to behold. The deadweight Wrangler is dragged by the beefy tow truck, which the yellow XJ is also towing. 

The caravan slowly but surely drags the busted Jeep Wrangler up the walls of the canyon. This gnarly game of connect the dots (Jeeps) is hair raising, and even watching will cause palpitations. The skipping and squealing of tires, the off-camber ascent, and the flopping carcass of the Wrangler make for a pretty perilous squad. 

What happened to the Jeep Wrangler? 

Eventually, the towing caravan got the Wrangler out of the Utah canyon. Unfortunately, the fact remains that the Jeep got into this mess because it was run without oil. The result of such oversight is almost definitely a completely trashed motor. At least the blown Wrangler is in the shop now and not at the bottom of a canyon.