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A Tik Tok video that has since been deleted shows a lone GMC Hummer EV sitting off to the side of a dealership garage. Another Tik Tok user has reposted the video. The video describes that there was a problem that resulted in the owners taking it into the GMC dealership. A GMC tech was unable to start the Hummer in the process of diagnosing the problem. A call to GM corporate led to a fix, except that didn’t work. 

Did GMC brick this hummer on purpose?

2024 GMC Hummmer EV in green in a showroom
The 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV | GMC

Teslarati contacted GM about the incident but was unable to get a response. But now there are suggestions that this isn’t an unfixable problem. GM could actually have enacted it. The company has said flipping Hummers would void warranties. It could have bricked the Hummer as a response to flipping the Hummer.

But it could also be as simple as an issue that GM can’t fix. We don’t know what the status of the truck is at the time of this writing. It is too early to know. But speculation as to what the problem may be is endless. 

A software issue is possible. Or there could have been damage to the undercarriage. That can cause damage to the battery, the battery control module, or cause some sort of leak from the cooling system for the battery. Whatever the issue may be, it is not a good look to see images of a new Hummer sitting in a dealership service department. 

GMC just issued a voluntary recall this week

GM, Pilot, and EVgo to build 500 electric vehicle charging stations
The GMC Hummer EV parked in front of a future Pilot electric vehicle charging station | GM

Just yesterday GM issued a voluntary recall of Hummer trucks. A voluntary recall is over an issue that the manufacturer discovers that doesn’t involve the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Normally, the NHTSA issues recalls. 

This recall is over a high-voltage regulator that could be corroding prematurely. This could result in leakage into the battery pack. A warning light should alert drivers of the problem. There is no explanation as to what damage water in the pack can do.

Is there a fix for the recall?

2024 Hummer SUV in greeen
2024 Hummer EV SUV | GMC

GMC says to take your Hummer in to be inspected at a dealership. Technicians will apply a sealant around the high-voltage connector to stop any leaking. The recall involves only 424 Hummer trucks, and Brightdrop Zevo 600 commercial electric vans. Owners can visit the GM Recall Center site for more information about the voluntary recall. 

There has also been one recall for the Hummer already. This happened in March and was for a problem with the taillights. So while all of this sets a sour note for the Hummer, it is the kinds of issues that come with new technology.

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