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The finance world is ablaze with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Apparently, these digital monies have become so popular that some people even want their cars to be able to mine Cryptocurrencies while not being driven. Sounds pretty efficient to me but also smells a little Elon Musk-y to me. Well, Daymak claims to have built a prototype that can hold and mine cryptocurrencies. 

Here is the Daymak Spiritus prototype with its doors open . Supposedly this can will will be able to mini Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Dogecoin
Daymak Spiritus | Daymak

Can you mine dogecoin and Bitcoin with your car? 

I believe most people would answer “no,” until now. According to New Atlas, back in March, Daymak launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for something called a Spiritus. The Daymak Spiritus is an electric, three-wheeled car that is said to have some pretty amazing capabilities. We’re not talking 0-60 mph times (although it’s got high hopes there, too) or crazy lap times at the Nurburgring; no, we are talking about cryptocurrency mining. 

After securing a claimed 25,000 preorders for this strange little three-wheeler, Daymak actually built a prototype. Before we get to the crypto, this wild three-wheeler starts at $20,000 and climbs past $100,000 for the super performance model. Talk about a price RANGE. 

What is Daymak? 

The Canadian company, got its start building e-bikes, electric scooters, and ATVs. While these things feel pretty normal these days, Daymak published its plans for the future last November, and they are wilding. 

Daymak said they had plans to make everything from electric transporter pods to a literal flying saucer. While most were highly skeptical, this prototype shows that maybe some of our cynicism was unfair. 

New Atlas reports that the 152-in Spiritus is a two-seat three-wheeler of the Avvenire family, and Daymak believes it will be quicker from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) than the Tesla Model S Plaid or Rimac Nevera. But does anyone want to be in a three-wheeler going that quick? I digress.

Can the Daymak Spiritus really mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin? 

the rear view of the Spiritus
Daymak Spiritus | Daymak

As we covered back in June, Daymak announced that the Spiritus will be the first vehicle in history to have an interface capable of mining cryptocurrency. The story goes, when parked, the little two-seater will use Daymak’s Nebula suite to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, making itself something of a side gig for its owner. 

“We envision a future where your highway tolls, your parking, and your drive-thru order will be paid directly on the fly with crypto,” Daymak president Aldo Baiocchi explained during the announcement. “Your online bills and your banking can be handled through the same software platform paid in crypto. And whereas most vehicles are depreciating while they sit in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked.”

When will the Spiritus be available? 

The company still has plenty of work to do before we will ever know if this thing really has legs or not. Currently, Daymak is working on its Ondata wireless charging system and fine-tuning the torque-distribution system. The plans remain that the Spiritus is set to launch sometime in 2023. 


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