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The switch to electric vehicles is in full swing! David Beckham has invested in the company Lunaz, which focuses on taking old British gasoline-powered vehicles and making them into zero-emissions EVs ready for the electric future. Nevertheless, if you are in the market for a fully-restored Rolls-Royce and happen to have $700,000 sitting around, look no further.

David Beckham is into electric vehicles

Rolls-Royce Phantom V electric vehicle
Lunaz converted a Rolls-Royce Phantom V into an electric vehicle | Lunaz

David Beckham, former professional footballer, husband of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and now…electric vehicle entrepreneur? Beckham recently invested in the company Lunaz. Lunaz specializes in taking timeless British cars and bringing them into the future. Indeed, the electric vehicle future.

Market Watch reported that Beckham has an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and. Jaguar Project 7 vehicle of his own, but he’s expanding that collection. Lunaz focuses on taking British vehicles like Jaguars, Range Rovers, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and converting these gasoline-powered vehicles into electric vehicles.

The company is stationed in Silverstone. Yes, the famous Formula 1 track and a hub for automotive technology. Beckham now has 10% equity in the company that started back in 2019. While the brand is looking to expand, this is quite perfect timing.

What kind of cars is Lunaz turning into electric vehicles?

“Each classic by Lunaz represents an uncompromised expression of the original. Electrification answers the questions of usability, reliability, and sustainability and empowers owners to enjoy their cars daily,” Lunaz says about the companies mission.

The company removes the gasoline-powered engines and replaces the motors with batteries and motors. While some might cringe at this, it is actually quite a pain to keep up with the motors in most of these cars. Restoring the vehicle into an EV means many more years of fun for cars that might not have been on the road much longer.

The company’s transitioned vehicles include a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V. The company can take both fixed head and drophead body styles of the Silver Cloud I, II, and III. Another option is the S1, S2, and S3 (1955-1965) Bentley Continental, both the coupé and four-door ‘Flying Spur’ body styles. Lunaz worked on the Jaguar XK120, XK140, and XK150, turning these vehicles into sustainable and drivable classics.

Furthermore, the most British SUV available, the Classic Range Rover. The “town” variety focuses on rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel drive options. The “County” version focuses on the four-wheel-drive option, all while being fully electric, zero-emissions, off-roading fun.

What does the future hold for this EV company?

A Rolls-Royce Phantom electric vehicle
A Rolls-Royce Phantom electric vehicle | Lunaz

How Many Years Will an Electric Vehicle Last?

David Beckham told Market Watch, “I was drawn to the company through their work restoring some of the most beautiful classic cars through upcycling and electrification. Lunaz represents the very best of British ingenuity in both technology and design.”

The funds provided by this investment will allow the company to further expand into different vehicle categories. This includes fire engines and commercial vehicles transformed into electric vehicles.

The pricing for the process doesn’t come cheap, but that’s to be expected. The process of restoring, engineering, and electrifying the cars can cost anywhere from $350,000 (for the Range Rover) to upwards of $700,000 (for the Rolls-Royce), depending on the vehicle.

Without a doubt, this is a pretty cool concept. Since David Beckham is a pretty big name across many industries, Lunaz should expand quite quickly.