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The United States offers myriad places to camp. Adventurers can find resorts, campsites, and even RV campgrounds across the nation. Each has something special to offer travelers yearning to enjoy the great outdoors. But for the camper who wants to take the experience to another level, dark-sky RV campgrounds offer dazzling nighttime views. 

Dark-sky camping brings you nature at its finest, RVBusiness reports. So, what is dark-sky camping, and why is it so appealing?

What makes dark-sky RV campgrounds so attractive?

Sometimes people choose to go camping to get away from the bustle and bright lights of the city. So they head into the wilderness to sleep under the stars, either in a tent or an RV camper. 

Dark-sky locations offer camping under the muted light of the night sky. No buildings block your view; it’s just you and the open sky, with twinkling lights stars overhead. You can find dark-sky sites in parks, campgrounds, or even remote areas. 

These campground areas work on the light from the stars in the sky, not artificial light that environmentalists say is bad for wildlife in the area, and it ruins the overall stargazing experience. 

Some campgrounds offer amenities to enhance your camping experience. They include onsite laundry, private bath suites, children’s play areas, dog parks, and convenience stores. You can get just about everything you need in one spot. 

Tips for camping in a dark-sky RV campground

Some of these locations are for amateur astronomers. So one of the first things you’re usually asked to do is keep your outside lights off and use motion-sensored ones to alleviate light pollution and keep the area dark for stargazing. 

You can keep your inside lights on, but they recommend you pull the shades down so all you see from the outside is a warm glow coming from your windows, according to Always On Liberty.

If you really want to find a location like this with the darkest sky available, they tend to be in the American West or Southwest. If you’re into astronomy and astrophotography, there are many stargazing maps you can download onto your phone to help you find where to look for certain stars in the sky. 

To choose one, find out what each one offers and see which one ticks the most boxes on your wishlist. Having everything, or nearly everything, at your fingertips at one site will make your camping experience that much more enjoyable. 

Where can you find these campsites?


Book Your Perfect RV Campsite With These Apps and Websites

With more booming cities growing throughout the country, some dark-sky areas have dwindled. But you can still find plenty sprinkled across the nation. 

If you want to stargaze near water, Minnesota has the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. It offers plenty of fun daytime and nighttime activities. You’ll also get full hookups, free shower house use, motorboat and canoe rentals, and a laundry facility. Prices for this campground start at $36 a night for two people. 

Another popular dark-sky RV campground is in Kanab, Utah. It boasts one of the darkest locations in the area. The campground offers a dog/dishwashing station, an adventure-tours concierge, an enclosed dog park, Wi-Fi, and a shade structure. Expect to pay around $65 a night, but you can get a small discount if you stay several nights instead. 

Dark-sky RV campgrounds are not just great places to camp. They also let you experience the natural light from the moon and stars instead of artificial lighting. The darkness will also allow you to see the stars more clearly than you would if you were closer to a city. Plan your dark-sky camping adventure, and see what all the hype is about.