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The Lost City is a 2022 adventure/romance film. Stars include Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Daniel Radcliffe. This ensemble treasure hunt promises to be full of adventures and laughs. But it’s already drawing some drama: Daniel Radcliffe’s villain drives a custom-built Jeep Gladiator 6×6, and after filming wrapped, carjackers unknowingly stole the vehicle used in the film.

What is the 6×6 in ‘The Lost City?’

Daniel Radcliffe plays villainous billionaire, Fairfax, in The Lost City. He owns a very custom 6×6. It is a Jeep Gladiator “Hellfire” built by the Apocalypse company. It features a diesel engine, long-travel suspension, 40-inch tires, and an entire extra axle.

Apocalypse Hellfire Jeep 6x6 Gladiator truck parked in a pond, trees in the background.
Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 Jeep Gladiator | South Florida Jeeps

The Apocalypse company is based in Fort Lauderdale. It hand-crafts custom 6×6 trucks fit to navigate the apocalypse in style. The Hellfire is based on a Jeep Gladiator.

In addition to the standard Jeep kit, the Hellfire has off-road bumpers and a winch. But the customizers did not stop there. They offer the truck with Jeep’s turbodiesel, or a tuned Chevy V8, or a supercharged Hellcat V8. The power is important because the Hellcat has a third driven axle, making it a true 6×6.

The Hellfire starts at $140,000; it’s not surprising that the off-roader boasts the fit-and-finish of a luxury car. The Hellfire is available with a full diamond-stitch leather interior, armored windows, and kevlar paint.

The actual Apocalypse Hellfire was stolen in Florida after filming

This 6x6 Jeep was Daniel Radcliffe's vehicle in The Lost City.
Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 Jeep Gladiator | South Florida Jeeps

When The Lost City‘s filmmakers approached Apocalypse about borrowing a custom jeep, the company was eager to have its new 6×6 featured in a blockbuster. In The Lost City, Daniel Radcliffe’s villainous Fairfax rides around in a kevlar-coated Apocalypse Hellfire powered by a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6.

Check out the Apocalypse Hellfire in the trailer of The Lost City below:

After filming in the Dominican Republic wrapped, the Hellfire from the movie returned home to Florida. The owner of Apocalypse, Joseph Ghattas, actually drove the $150,000+ truck home and parked it outside his Fort Lauderdale home.

According to Motorious, on December 16th, a Mustang with two car thieves pulled up outside Ghattas’ house. The carjackers hotwired the Hollywood-famous Apocalypse and drove away.

Where do you hide a Hollywood-famous 6×6?

Custom Jeep 6x6 Gladiator truck parked in front of a pond.
Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 Jeep Gladiator | South Florida Jeeps

According to surveillance footage, two car thieves arrived at Ghattas’ house at 3 AM on December 16th. They had a laptop and were prepared to hack into the Jeep Gladiator’s security system. Moments later, they rumbled away in the diesel truck.

It is unclear whether the thieves thought they could quietly resell the iconic 6×6 truck or planned to chop it up for parts. But before they could do either, fate intervened.

Many custom car owners install hard-to-find GPS trackers in their vehicles. Even though Ghattas had not installed a tracker in his 6×6, the thieves did not know that. Instead of taking the truck home or to a chop shop, they hid it in a secluded alley-way behind a high school sports field. The plan must have been to wait and see if anyone came to retrieve it.

The Apocalypse Hellfire is far too unique for a passerby to ignore. Someone spotted the truck, watched a news report on the theft, and called Ghattas personally. Thankfully, the movie-famous Hellfire was still in pristine condition.

Want to know more about the Apocalypse Hellfire? See the truck stop by Jay Leno’s garage in the video below:


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