Damn Internet! Leaked Images of 2021 ID.4 Cross EV VW Doesn’t Want Seen

2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV in white ft 3/4 view
2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV | VW

Ah, so what do we have here? Hmmm. It looks like leaked images of the 2022 ID.4 Cross EV that VW doesn’t want to be seen yet. But like magic; here they are. It’s that damn internet for ya. No regard for pesky embargos. So, if you’ve been wondering what possibly the most important new VW launch in years will look like, look no further. Here’s the ID.4 Cross EV.

What makes this such an important launch for VW is that this is its first EV coming to North America based on the MEB platform. From the sounds of it, VW plans on producing maybe 380 different models from MEB. Well, maybe not that many but their plans call for quite a few, in various wheelbases and configurations. So the first one here has to be right.

VW’s first Europe-only EV is the ID.3 hatchback that is having a rough time getting out of the gate

2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV rear view in white
2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV | VW

Its first Europe-only EV is the ID.3 hatchback. It has had a rough time getting out of the gate. Software problems have been monumental. VW is still tackling the glitches and will fix things with updates as it figures out the myriad of problems. It seems like a weird way to introduce such a new product with admissions that it is not completely sorted out. But, we digress. We’re here to look at the ID.4 Cross EV.

The crossover proportions are nothing new. But VW has incorporated some fluid, wavy sculpturing that departs from other VW products. In white, as our leaked ID.4 is it’s hard to take in all of that surface development. Hey Volkswagen, if you’re going to leak images of new vehicles pick something other than white. Or pink.

Leaked ID.4 Cross images show two different front and rear versions

two 2021 VW ID.4 Cross EVs in gray metallic
2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV | VW

Oh wait, now we have charcoal gray images courtesy of vwidtalk. But the front end is different. Even the headlights are different, which in this case requires different front fenders. That, or at least a second strike in the fender stamping. The difference doesn’t seem worth the extra cost but it may have to do with some weird regulation for China. Or maybe the EU? Anyway, it makes for an interesting comparison. Which front end do you like better?

Around the back, there are differences between the gray and white ID.4 images as well. Notice that the gray version also has Chinese badges. This suggests there will be some differences between what China gets and maybe what North America sees. The white version rear end is definitely less complex with not as much fussiness.

Maybe VW could just release everything now since everyone has seen the leaked images?

2021 VW ID.4 Cross EV | VW

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Nothing connected with the interior was leaked. Can we expect that in the coming days? Or maybe VW could just release everything now since anyone interested has seen the leaked images? We also know nothing about the price. If we were VW, we’d undercut the Tesla Model 3 by a few grand and give it a run for its money.

If features, power, range, and charging stations match Tesla then VW could snake them on price. Otherwise, Tesla will be a hard act to follow. Especially with the online forums full of rumors about VW’s software problems with the ID.3.