“Daltima” Pickup Mashup Of A Ford Ranger And Nissan Altima

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Especially, when you’re combining two completely different vehicles into one? This usually never works out creating freakish rolling Frankensteins. But this pickup mashup of a Ford Ranger Flareside back and Nissan Altima front kinda works, don’t you think? It’s called “Daltima” though we don’t know why?

An image Daltima showed up on Reddit. The Altima part must have started as a wreck with the rear seeing lots of damage. We suspect the Ranger bed was lying around near the wrecked Altima. Shot anonymously in Alabama, because of the name the speculation was that the bed was from a Dodge Dakota, thus the name Daltima. 

Knowing that the bed is from a Ranger throws a monkey wrench into the Dakota theory. So who knows why it is called Daltima? But enough about semantics, we’re here to glorify an unlikely union of two very disparate vehicles into one.

Bonking a Ranger truck bed onto an Altima is pickup mashup success

Mashup between a Nissan Altima and a Ford Ranger pickup bed
Daltima pickup mashup | Reddit

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Bonking a truck bed onto an Altima is not that difficult though it was never meant to be attached to a unibody pan. But creating the back of a truck cab behind the front seat is a different matter. Since there is no info on the Daltima we are left to guess what it was made from. We guess it’s either modified from the Ranger or something similar. But blending it onto the Altima body is some nice hillbilly engineering. There’s even a bed light!

Helping to tie it all together is the black paint on the body’s lower half. Also, the pinstriping does a similar tie-in, though it doesn’t line up 100-percent. The bed rails add a classy touch. And anything backyard engineered that is painted so it all matches is an A-plus. We’ve seen a lot of weird mashups over the years and usually, they’re left in the color they started with, matching or not. 

So whoever put this all together did a killer job. Whether you like it or not it represents the best of what can be done with some imagination and some welding. And some talent, too. Oh, and a little bit of luck.