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If there’s one thing that the Tesla Cybertruck is, it’s inspiring. Whether it’s its futuristic design or cutting-edge technology, the Tesla Cybertruck has paved the way for electric trucks, toys, and now – a remote control snowblower. That’s right, there’s a new snowcat that looks an awful lot like the Tesla Cybertruck. Who wouldn’t want that?

A small silver CyberKAT, which looks like the Cybertruck.
CyberKAT | Spyker Workshop

The CyberKAT is a totally out-there snowcat that you can control with a remote

The CyberKAT is, as the name implies, a cross between the Tesla Cybertruck and a snowcat. It’s made by Spyker Workshop. The CyberKAT is a fully electric snowcat. It’s not very big. According to CarScoops, it measures just 29-inches long, 19-inches wide, and 9.5-inches tall. It has tracks with 4.25-inch ground clearance, which make it perfect for driving on the snow. It is made from an aluminum sheet metal frame, and its LED lighting recalls the Tesla Cybertruck.

You can remove the top of the CyberKAT and if you do, you’ll find batteries, electric motors, and a transmission, just like an actual Cybetruck. The transmission even allows you to choose either a high speed or high torque setting. Plus, there’s a circuitboard for the lights.

One day you might be able to use it as a snowblower

Right now the CyberKAT is just a small Cybertruck on tracks that you can drive over the snow. However, it’s destined for greater things. The CyberKAT comes with a trailer hitch for the CyBlower, a snow blower attachment in the works. It’s being designed and produced by the same company.

The company, Spyker Workshop, is headed by Ryan Butler. He’s built three prototypes of the CyberKAT using a 3D printer. The CyberKAT will require assembly, so he’s also working on an instruction manual. CarScoops thinks colors other than just silver will be available, thanks to hints on the websites.

The snowcat is a tiny terror on ice

Watching the CyberKAT is something else. It’s cute but tough, like a vicious Chiuaua. Watch the video in double speed for the full experience. The CyberKAT zips around, tearing up the ice and leaving snow spray in its wake. You might want to pick it up and cuddle it as much as you want to grab a hold of the remote control and launch it off a snow ramp.

You can preorder the CyberKAT right now, and it will begin being delivered in January or February of 2022. It costs between $1,299 and $1,499, depending on how you order your CyberKAT. You can choose to get the electronics and/or radio, which will add money on to your CyberKAT.

The ongoing microchip shortage may be slowing and even halting production of most cars right now, including the Tesla Cybertruck. Yet it won’t impact the remote-controlled CyberKAT. If you just can’t wait for the actual Cybertruck. or you want a really cool toy to kill some times with while you wait, the CyberKAT should be a pretty fun way to tear up the snow – and maybe later, to plow your driveway.


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