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Even though the Tesla Model Y was the vehicle most likely to be talked about during Tesla‘s Cyber Rodeo, the Cybertruck was quite likely the biggest draw. It’s Tesla’s version of will-they or won’t-they, a long-awaited electric SUV that promises huge things in a steel contraption that resembles extra-terrestrial spacecraft. And while we didn’t necessarily get what we expected (there were rumors that Tesla would reveal two Cybertruck prototypes at the event), we did get promises that the Cybertruck really is on its way.

Elon Musk pretending to smash Cybertruck windows.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

At Cyber Rodeo, Elon Musk vowed that the Tesla Cybertruck is coming

Tesla CEO Elon Musk knows that people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Cybertruck. Its series of delays is causing Tesla fans (and watchers) to wonder if the Cybertruck will ever actually become a real truck. At Cyber Rodeo, Musk promised that the Cybertruck is indeed on its way. In fact, it will begin production in 2023, as recently rumored to be true. Musk says that the Cybertruck will be worth the wait. “It’s gonna blow your minds.”

He also showed off one of the Cybertruck’s more unique features, which is its lack of door handles. The exterior of the Cybertruck is steel, like an armored car. Its sleek sides are unadorned with pesky things like door handles. Musk said no handles are necessary because,“The car can tell that you’re there and it just needs to open.”

Tesla previously announced that the Cybertruck was delayed until 2023

In January of 2022, Tesla announced that the Cybertruck’s production would be delayed until 2023. While supply chain problems plague pretty much all car manufacturers, that doesn’t seem to be the reason behind the Cybertruck’s delay. Instead, Tesla wants to perfect the Cybertruck, especially as more electric trucks are coming on the market. Some of these new trucks resemble the Cybertruck quite a bit.

In addition, there’s a thought that perhaps in addition to the Cybertruck that by now we’re all very familiar with (and which Musk says looks like a CGI rendition, even in real life), there is a possibility that Tesla does plan on releasing another Cybertruck in the future. This would be a smaller, toned-down version of the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck production may ramp up slowly

In addition to the news of the Cybertruck’s delay, it’s possible that Tesla will begin by producing only a small number of Cybertrucks in the beginning. If it does well, then Tesla could scale up. This may help to counter any potential losses that Tesla could face, as the Cybertruck’s reolutionary design has been critized by at least as many people as have lauded it.

Musk discussed production at Cyber Rodeo. While the new Tesla Gigafactory Texas will begin with Model Y production, that will be followed by the Cybertruck. Initially, Tesla plans on producing half a million Model Ys in the first year. If Tesla reaches that goal, it would be the highest-volume automotive factory in the United States. Musk noted that in the past twelve months, Tesla has delivered a million vehicles, yet this makes up just about 1% of worldwide automotive sales. He wants Tesla’s portion to be closer to 20%.

Cyber Rodeo may not have told us much new about the Tesla Cybertruck, but it did give us hope that the Cybertruck is still coming (that is, if you’re looking forward to the Cybertruck. Otherwise, you may be dismayed at its persistent promises of arrival). If everything goes according to plan, it may not be long before we see armored outerspace cars parked outside of Target.


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