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Customized Inside And Out This Roush-Powered IndyCar Pace Truck Is $35,995

This is much more than a personalized pickup truck done in someone’s backyard. Before you is a 1991 F-150 Ford pace car truck that has been highly modified inside and outside. It was built jointly by Jack Roush and McLaren Performance as a pace truck for the PPG IndyCar World Series for 1991. Built at a cost of over $250,000 it was kept in service through the 1994 season.

When first completed it was running a white/purple/red paint scheme which it kept through 1992. For the next two seasons, PPG wanted to freshen up the Ford pickup and then chose the purple/green/yellow as it is today.

The Sports Boss is a PPG IndyCar Pace Truck For 1991-94

1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG-0
1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG

Known as the “Sport Boss” the pickup was powered by a Roush 500 hp 5.0 engine. In the bed are rear-facing seats that allow occupants the opportunity to face the head of the race pack as it’s poised to mow you over. With a measly 5,100 miles on it, the Trail Boss is practically a new truck. 

Custom touches outside are the sculpted front bumper, flared rockers, light covers, custom grille, vented hood, and rear tonneau with access cut into it for the rear-facing seats. There are built-in doors cut into the bedsides for access but also acting as ramps when in the down position. The arching “thing” in the bed acts as a roll bar. 

On the top, it ties into a strobe-light bar with the fire suppression system attached for track incidents. The license plate could either be flipped up for racing cleanness or flipped down for street action automatically. 

Very colorful custom paint includes burying the graphics under the clear. Those graphics do double duty as a foil for the side-opening doors cut into the bedsides. They follow along the curved shut-lines of the doors.

Looking as fresh as when it paced tracks the IndyCar pace truck interior looks brand new

1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG-0
1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG

Black leather seats and door panels upgrade the interior, while a custom center console blends up into the dash. There you’ll find air conditioning controls, an array of instruments, cruise control, and controls for things like the lights, horn, fuel tank, and brake coolant. Everything looks to be in great shape and unmolested from its original days spinning around NASCAR tracks. 

The Jack Roush 5.0-liter engine features Trick Flow heads and performance intake. This all is backed by a performance four-speed automatic transmission. The exhaust system has also been altered with a lot of the pipes from FlowMaster that includes the catalytic converters. Water-cooled four-wheel disc brakes are an especially interesting application. 

Custom-made AZE wheels are 18-inches with wide 315/35/18 performance radials. 

1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG-0
1991 Ford F-150 PPG IndyCar Pace Truck Roush | PPG-0

Are you interested? At this price, if you have been wanting a mildly customized pickup the Sport Boss could be for you. All of this will set you back $35,995, which to us seems like a reasonable asking price. When you consider its provenance and interesting modifications, all combined with a low-mileage Jack Roush engine it just seems quite fair.