This Custom Unique Minivan Pulls Inspiration From Toyota and Lamborghini

Customizing cars is not a new endeavor. Every so often, there’s a custom design or two that makes waves in the news. However, this story goes beyond the typical custom enhancement or makeover. This minivan is so unique it demands attention. Imagine a minivan inspired by both Toyota characteristics and Lamborghini personality.

Dive into the details of how this custom, unique minivan came to be. Meet the mastermind behind the Toyota and Lamborghini mashup and watch how an everyday transport grocery-getter is transformed into a quasi-Lambo-infused super ride.

Who are the genius minds behind this custom minivan ride?

The Toyota Hiace minivan seen at the Tokyo showroom as a woman talks on the phone inside its cabin
Toyota Hiace minivan | YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images

A South African man, James Redelinghuys, decided one day that his Toyota Quantum taxi was due for a makeover, according to Auto Evolution. Quantum minivans are popular in South Africa as taxi vehicles and are known for their practical versatility. Redelinghuys realized that to promote his business, he would need to offer something truly unique about his passenger ride. 

Redelinghuys loved his Toyota. However, he also held a passion for Lamborghinis. His creative idea developed into an Aventador-styled, V12-powered minivan that would take his taxi and rental business to new heights. Since his brother already owned a Porsche restoration garage, Redelinghuys had the resources he needed to bring his custom minivan idea to life. 

The design and inspiration of Lamborghini that brought it to life

The Toyota Quantum minivan, often referred to as a minibus, came with a stock 2.7-liter engine. Redelinghuys sought to outfit his with a massive turbocharger and upgrade his Quantum with a widebody kit. It was 2017 when he first started working on his custom project. And the design took a turn for the weird when, one day, he discovered a widebody kit on a Japanese website that he absolutely had to have. This particular kit was, as Auto Evolution described, “oozing Lamborghini Aventador” personality and vibes. This allowed the transformation to become incredibly unique.

Unbelievable specs and features of the custom-made minivan


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There isn’t a piece of this former Quantum minivan that isn’t customized. However, the biggest upgrade was the 5.0-liter V12 engine. This monstrosity of a powerplant could only harness 300 horsepower in its stock form. So, Redelinghuys upgraded to a twin-turbo setup. 

Mounted square in the middle of the minivan’s beefy new chassis are two Billet T3T4 twin turbos and 350cc Bosch injectors from a Porsche Carrera. Add in the pair of water-to-air charge coolers and a high-performing Maxx ECU, and this Quantum van was ready to scream on the pavement. After destroying a few parts, and the first engine entirely, by the time Redelinghuys figured out the fine-tuning, his custom minibus could deliver 600 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque with an outfitted octane booster.

The interior of this van got a makeover, too. Designed entirely from scratch, the inside was upholstered in Alcantara and leather. The stock dash hit the cutting room floor and was replaced with the Dashtech Racepro and racing specified steering wheel. It may have been a stock Toyota Quantum minibus when it started, but this new custom minivan only had hints of its Toyota origins when it was finished.

From start to finish, this custom Toyota minivan took four and half years to complete. With its metallic bronze and Audi R8 wheels and its Lamborghini Diablo paint job with four layers of xirallic coating, Redelinghuys’ custom minivan is garnering more than just local attention. It might just be the wildest Lambo-flavored Toyota taxi you’ll ever see. 

At one point, you could find this sweet minivan for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $85,362. Even if you’re not into custom rides, or even Toyotas, Lamborghinis, or minivans, for that matter, this unique minivan transformation is still certainly one for the books.