This New Toyota Hilux Is the Envy of the North American Truck Market

As if we didn’t covet the Toyota Hilux enough, Toyota has now teamed up with Arctic Trucks to bring us the AT35. This rig is designed for scientists and adventurers who explore the most extreme and remote places on the planet. We were already a little jealous when we saw the 2021 Toyota Hilux. And this AT35 Arctic Toyota Hilux unit is right up our alley. Too bad it’s not a part of our North American truck market.

We can’t get a Toyota Hilux in the U.S.

Considering adventure drives like the Dalton Highway or the Rubicon Trail, we have a nice list of places we’d love to drive the AT35 Arctic Toyota Hilux unit. According to Road and Track, both those trails are bucket list spots for adventurers with rugged rigs. Yes, we have our custom Toyota Tacoma builds, or overland Wranglers, and the new Ford Bronco.

Silver Toyota Hilux on display at a motor show
Silver Toyota Hilux| Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

But not being allowed to have something can make you want it even more. My children display this aspect of humanity regularly. It’s a thing.

There are Toyota Hilux models all over the world, but they’re absent from the North American truck market. This fact just makes us envy those that can head to their local dealership tomorrow and buy one. Maybe envy is a strong word. Maybe. Or maybe we really wish we could taste that forbidden Hilux fruit.

The new Toyota Hilux AT35 unit by Arctic Trucks

The fruit, in this case, is increasingly forbidden. The Hilux AT35 is created in collaboration with Arctic Trucks. This is, yet again, something the U.S. is missing out on.

the rear tailgate of the invincible
Toyota Hilux Invincible | Toyota

The undeniably awesome folks at Arctic Trucks started with a 2021 Toyota Hilux double-cab Invincible-X model. According to AutoBlog, the Invincible-X model is the “more user-friendly and less utilitarian” version. Other Hilux units currently sold on the European market are rawer.

New and improved snow truck

In short, we want to explore the arctic circle in a 2021 Toyota Hilux, but we want to do it with a little side helping of luxury. So Artic Trucks gives us just that. The AT35 Arctic Toyota Hilux unit has lifted and improved suspension. AutoBlog reports that the “modifications increase the Hilux’s ride height by 2.5 inches.” The new approach angle is 38 (increased by nine) degrees. The new departure angle is 29 (up by three) degrees.

a rear three-quarter view of the Arctic Truck AT35 Toyota Hilux in the snow
Toyota Hilux AT35 | AutoBlog

Arctic Trucks did not see any reason to change the torquey 2.8-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder standard Hilux engine. However, the collaboration did include bigger tires. More height and width in terms of rubber means more comfort when steaming through the snow at full throttle.

The AT35 Arctic Toyota Hilux unit maintains its 7,716-pound towing capacity. The payload gains a bit, topping out at 2,321 pounds. Arctic Trucks also re-geared both differentials so we get on-demand torque on the tundra.

But wait, don’t forget that you won’t be doing it in a Toyota Hilux Arctic Truck in the U.S. Nope. This unadulterated fun is reserved for basically everywhere else but here.

It doesn’t even void the Toyota Hilux factory warranty

All of these enhancements sound like a one-off. However, they actually combine to create a complete factory-built truck. Yeah, that’s right. The AT35 Hilux is actually part of the Toyota lineup and just became a member of the Toyota truck family in England.


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Because those lucky ducks across the pond can buy an AT35 straight from the factory, the mods don’t even void the Toyota Hilux factory warranty. So its components are still covered by the five-year/100,000-mile warranty. According to AutoBlog, the Invincible-X model starts around $25,800 before taxes.

That said, Toyota hasn’t released pricing for this truck yet. We do know, however, that there will be cool available options like skid plates, an onsite air compressor, and skid plates. Regardless, we won’t see this truck in the North American truck market.