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Creating a special Porsche straight out of your dreams? Why not? Now you can, with the new Sonderwunsch or Special Wishes program. The program has been around since the 1970s but was not really “officially” official. If fully customized luxury cars are your thing, keep reading.

Can you create a Porsche?

A Porsche 935 race car
A Hans-Peter Traumwerk Porsche 935 race car| Alberto Bernasconi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Well, not everyone is entitled to whipping up a customized Porsche. The brand has offered the Sonderwunsch to its most important customers for a while now. However, Porsche is branching out, according to Road and Track. The Sonderwunsch program is a real, accessible program that drivers now utilize.

The Special Wishes program is a collaboration between Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur and Porsche Classic. It will offer 100 cars a year with color and trim customizations, but between three and five even more exclusive cars. “These cars will have significant mechanical deviations, and they’ll be seriously expensive,” Chris Perkins noted.

Whoever decides to buy one of these cars will work with Porsche for around a year to design the car to see if the design is feasible. This will have an estimated development cost of $100,000. Porsche will determine if the car is feasible. After that, the process can move forward.

Pick a Porsche, any Porsche

The author asked if a Cayman with a 911 GT3 engine was possible. It sounds like this combination won’t work due to the size of the engine. The idea of a lifted turbo 911 capable of some light off-roading? Potentially potential.

Already created with the program is a 1983 911 Type 930/935 Turbo couple for the TAG group CEO, Mansour Ojeh. Porsche whipped up a pair of 911 Speedster 993 cars for Butzi Porsche and Jerry Seinfeld. So it is possible, but it also costs a lot.

Porsche has recently been spotted testing a lifted and flared 911 Safari edition on Nürburgring. The Safari trend has been gaining speed lately, and it seems Porsche is listening to someone.

The $100k startup fee is essentially for research and development. From there, Porsche engineers will take ideas and see what can be created.

Is this better than the Ferrari Special Projects?

The Ferrari Special Projects is a similar venture. It was created to design one-off cars for the brand’s wealthiest customers. Road and Track showed a few of these cars including a F430 SP1 aka the Sport Prototype 1/Special Project 1.

Another special creation was the P540 Superfast Aperta based on the 599 GTB. It has styling like the Pininfarina and carbon fiber for weight reduction.

Peter Kalikow, an American customer, commissioned a special open-top 599. Ferrari created the Superamerica 45 to celebrate the 45th year since he bought his first Ferrari. Whatever works, right?

A 2015 F12 TRS was inspired by the 250 Testarossa car. This one was red, much like the original red Testarossa. Both came with cylinder heads painted red that can be seen through a window on the hood.


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