Custom-Built $130,000 Carbon Fiber Camper Fits the Bronco, F-150, Defender, and G-Wagon

While an RV or even a towable camper will be more than enough for most on-road vacations, they can’t take you very far if you’re going off-road. GEO-cab picked up on this issue and developed a line of carbon-fiber campers you can mount directly onto your off-roader. It’s called the Badger, and it’s entirely custom-built utilizing a unique manufacturing process.

According to GEO-cab, this camper’s unique design allows it to work on various models ranging from the upcoming Ford Bronco to a Mercedes G-Class. However, you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny, seeing as the Badger has a base price of $130,000, without accounting for your off-roader.

This carbon fiber camper fits a variety of models

An image of a Jeep Gladiator with a custom-built carbon fiber camper.
Jeep Gladiator Badger LT | GEO-Cab

As mentioned above, this carbon-fiber camper fits various models, ranging from SUVs such as the Ford Bronco to big diesel trucks such as the Ford F550. As you might imagine, GEO-cab doesn’t develop brand-new campers for all of these models. Instead, it utilizes a unique carbon fiber manufacturing process utilizing a modular mold. As a result, the list of compatible models will only continue to grow.

This whole process starts when you pick which specific off-roader or truck you’d like to use. From there, you meet with the team at GEO-cab to configure your own custom-built interior. Depending on the model, these campers provide sleeping accommodations for up to three people.

Thanks to its modular design, you can completely design your camper’s interior. For example, you can choose to have a smaller bathroom and a larger kitchen or vice versa.

It takes about nine months to build

An image of a GEO-Cab with a custom interior.
Badget XT | GEO-Cab

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Once you place your order, your camper goes into production in Germany. According to GEO-cab, the production process takes about nine months in total. However, more complex models such as the Mercedes G-Class can carry extra cost and time.

From there, you have two options, you can either ship your base vehicle to Germany or have the camper shipped to the U.S. GEO-cab mentioned that some of its customers opt to do a tour of Europe before shipping their camper home. As a result, you have plenty of choices.

How much does this carbon fiber camper cost?

An image of a Ford F-150 with a custom-built carbon fiber camper.
Ford F-150 Badger XT | GEO-Cab

As you might imagine, ordering a custom-built camper made out of carbon fiber naturally results in a wide variety of price ranges. However, the base price, as mentioned earlier, is $130,000. This gets you the smallest ST model, which reportedly fits the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, Mercedes G-Class, and the latest Land Rover Defender.

From there, you can move up to the LT model for $162,000. Thanks to its larger size, the LT fits the Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes G-Class with the extended wheelbase, older Land Rover Defenders, and the Toyota HZJ Land Cruiser.

The Badger LR is the next step up. However, since it is still under development, we don’t have official pricing yet. Regardless, this camper will fit mid-size trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger 2019+, Chevy Colorado, and the Nissan Frontier.

Lastly, we’ve got the top XT trim which costs around 236,000. Since this is the largest configuration, it fits trucks such as the Ford F-150 to F-550, Chevy Silverado 2500 to 3500, and the Dodge Ram 1500 to 3500.

While there are already plenty of models at various price ranges, GEO-cab told us it is even considering developing a model to handle EVs. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle the outdoors with a completely custom-built experience.