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  • Toyota teases a new Toyota GR Corolla for the US market
  • The new car will have the GR Yaris’ AWD system and other goodies
  • Sources say the Yaris motor will make an appearance in the new car

Are you excited? You’d better be excited. The world watched on as Toyota debuted the GR Yaris for everyone but us, and to critical acclaim. American buyers and enthusiasts cried out “we NEED it!” only to be met with silence from Toyota. Now, we know why. The Instagram post below all but confirms the existence of a hot hatch USDM Toyota Corolla by Gazoo Racing. From what we can tell, it’ll be called the Toyota Corolla GR-Four.

Toyota all but confirms a GR Corolla

It’s exciting times for enthusiasts. Despite the slow creep of EVs into our lives, some companies are still making cars for the gearheads out there. Toyota is one of them. The brand’s Toyota GR86 sports car is one of the best small sports cars since the original Mazda Miata, and the GR Yaris, as we stated above, is one hell of a hot hatch. Now, we’re set to get a bit of that flavor.

We’ll come right out and say it. Unfortunately, there’s no news yet on much of anything Gazoo Racing Corolla. Obviously, the photos in this article are there, but aside from that? Nada. Nothing. Evidently, these teasers will lead to some kind of announcement in the near future, but we’ve got no indication when. For now, we’ll have to make do with analyzing the few morsels we’ve been given.

What will the Toyota Corolla hatch look like?

A rear 3/4 shot of a Toyota Corolla hides the new Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch in a camo livery among shipping containers
The new GR Corolla lurks | Toyota via Instagram

We’ll start with the most recent teaser shared by Toyota on Insta. Thanks to some (admittedly very easy) photo trickery, we can see what the new camo-clad Toyota Corolla will look like. Clearly, those lights are lifted right off the Corolla hot hatch on which the new car will be based. If you squint, zoom in, and pray, you can make out the text “GR-Four” on the side of the new Gazoo Racing-built hatchback. That’s Toyota’s name for the Yaris’ AWD system, by the way.

So, AWD is all but confirmed for the new hot hatchback. Folks, this could be the Yaris of our dreams. Squint a little harder, and you’ll see that the wheels have a slightly different spoke pattern from the standard Corolla. That means light wheels. Obviously, that also means a lighter car, something Toyota will likely try to achieve by shaving more weight. Now, MotorTrend’s sources say there’ll also be a more powerful version of the GR Yaris’ turbo 3-pot under the hood.

The new Corolla will bring Yaris parts Stateside

Good news to say the least. Better news? No matter what engine we get, it’ll probably have a manual transmission. Even the standard Corolla offers a stick. Obviously, so does the GR Yaris. We combed both posts for details on a release date or announcement, but there’s nothing yet. Be sure, you can hear about it here when it does happen.


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