a white subaru forester crossover SUV at speed on a scenic road
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Is the Subaru Forester Quiet?

Subaru offers some of the most reliable SUVs on the market today. One of the most well-known options is the Subaru Forester. The Forester is capable and comfortable, but is it a quiet ride? Navigating in the Subaru Forester  The 2020 Forester is among the best compact SUVs of the year and is mostly unchanged for 2021. The …

A black Chevrolet Trax SUV drives by a cityscape.
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Avoid the 2021 Chevy Trax

Before you settle on the 2021 Chevy Trax, consider better options. The 2021 Chevrolet Trax continues to find itself ranking at the bottom of lists as rivals like the 2020 Nissan Kicks and 2021 Hyundai Kona steal the show.  Avoid the 2021 Chevy Trax  The U.S.News ranked the 2021 Chevy Trax as number 12 on …

2020 Toyota RAV4 Off Road in the desert on a trail with the bike on the roof rack
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Is the Toyota RAV4 Quiet?

Enthusiasts credit the Toyota RAV4 as the pioneer of the crossover SUV class. The RAV4 remains popular today because it can suit almost any driver’s needs. But some often wonder, is the Toyota RAV4 quiet? The RAV4 and its “raucous-sounding engine” Toyota’s RAV4 stands outs from other crossover SUVs because of its varied trim levels and modern features. And while the …

A white Kia Sorento on display during an auto show
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The Most Complained About Kia SUVs

Kia SUVs are basically all the rage right now––especially when you consider the Kia Telluride and its massive popularity. Other popular models like the Kia Sorento are common sights as well. But not every consumer experience with these Kia SUVs is positive. In fact, there are hundreds of complaints filed on CarComplaints.com for various Kia …

Mazda gives the 2021 CX-5 a noticeable refresh.
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There’s 1 Type of Driver Who Should Pick the Mazda CX-5 Over the Subaru Forester

The 2020 Subaru Forester is a fan-favorite because it’s versatile and capable. However, the Forester might leave certain drivers wanting more. If you fall under this category, you’ll want to consider the 2020 Mazda CX-5 instead.  The 1 type of driver that should get the Mazda CX-5 over the Subaru Forester  The Forester is an enjoyable ride, but it’s …