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One of the easiest maintenance tasks a person can perform on their own is replacing the windshield wipers and choosing a set for your vehicle means deciding which windshield wiper brand you want to purchase. There are so many out there that finding the right one for your car can be challenging. 

However, there are three critics that found one particular brand to overshadow the others regarding performance. However, which one was it?

Why are windshield wipers so important?

Windshield wipers sticking up on multiple cars in a row.
Windshield wipers | Getty Images

Windshield wipers let you drive in many different weather conditions by keeping the windshield clear from rain and snow. It also cleans off dirt and debris that would otherwise impede your view of the road ahead. 

According to Motor1, windshield wipers tend to last approximately 6 to 12 months before they need replacing on your gas-powered vehicle or EV. However, cheaper brands might wear out quicker, so choosing a durable set may be in order, even if they come with a higher price tag.

Critics have checked out many different brands and came up with some of the best they felt were worth the money. Ones made by Bosch were rated the best available regarding performance. So, which wiper models pleased critics the most?

Bosch Icon 24A is one of the best windshield wiper brands

Best reviews Guide liked the Bosch Icon 24A wiper, made from ClearMax 365 rubber technology. This allows them to perform in all-weather conditions and last at least 40 percent longer than some of the standard blades on the market. 

It helps prevent streaking on the windshield and reduces friction caused by the wiping motion on the glass during operation. It contains FX dual rubber technology, which will resist heat, enabling the blades to remain flexible for quality performance. 

Bosch Icon 180E

Motor1 ranked these wipers relatively high in the performance department because of high marks from the site’s tests and the scores from current owners of the blades. Some of those who have used these wipers reported that the blades lasted several years before they needed to replace them. One reviewer claimed they got six years of use out of their set. 

The dual rubber beam style wipers effectively pushed water away from the glass and left no streak marks during operation. These units come with a few different attachments, so you can install them on your vehicle no matter which type of arm your wipers have. Bosch blades work in all weather conditions, including extreme conditions. However, a few owners reported poor performance when using them in the snow. 

Bosch Direct Connect is one of the best windshield wiper brands

The Bosch Direct Connect set ranked the best overall with The Drive’s review. These wipers are for the frame-style arms requiring blades that fall in the 10 to 39 inch range. It’s made of natural rubber material that can easily wipe away dirt, rain, bugs, and road debris without leaving streaks that you can’t resolve no matter what you do. 

This model is relatively quiet and doesn’t cost as much as many other wipers of the same caliber. They’re durable and easy to install but also have a few drawbacks. According to the reviewers at The Drive, the steel frame on these wipers is heavy and causes snow and ice to clog up on occasion. 

While other windshield wipers impressed critics in 2022, the Bosch brand pleased each of them the most. While they may be on the expensive side, they were worth the price because they performed the best and seemed to last longer than the competitors. 


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