Crazy Car Colors For 2021: Germany Has Gone Psychedelic

Cars actually do come in colors. But most are muted shades of Innocuous Ermine and Boring Black. With lots of silver shades in between. We get it; most people want to neither be seen or heard. There are also resale values to consider. Your 2018 Belchmobile painted in Pandemic Puce will be a lot harder to sell than one in Sleepy Silver. But some German manufacturers seem to be taking a “what the heck” approach to colors. There are some crazy car colors for 2021. It looks like Germany has gone psychedelic.

It seems like forever that the most popular colors for cars in the US sort of switch around between white, silver, and black. In actuality, these are not even considered colors. White is the absence of color, black is the combination of every color, and silver is just in between. 

Different companies and researchers have slightly different percentages of where colors place in popularity. Generally white, black, and silver or gray make up more than 70% of the cars sold. Red and blue are tied at slightly under 10% each.

It looks like Germany has gone psychedelic

2021 BMW M8 convertible overhead shot with top down painted in birch green
Birch Green M8 convertible for 2021 | BMW

While brown is really popular in Russia, in the US it rates at about 2%. Once you get to yellow, green, and orange you’re looking at around 1% each. And variations of those are infinitesimally represented on any paint chart. But now it looks like some manufacturers are trying to wake up their color pallets.

For starters, how about the BMW 8-Series Birch Green? Some know it as Apple Green or maybe Chartreuse. Whatever you want to call it is this compelling or crazy to you? It’s a cross between green and yellow which are two colors that are just not popular. 

We like it. Whether we like it enough depends on how comfortable we are standing out and liking to stand out. This 2021 M8 convertible looks to be comfortably rocking Birch Green.

Any car manufactured in pink sooner or later gets repainted

Frozenberry 2021 Porsche Taycan ft 3/4 view with no background
2021 Frozenberry Porsche Taycan | Porsche

Now, let’s take a look at a color far more polarizing. Except for a small window in the mid-1950s, any car in pink sooner or later gets repainted. Unless you’re into Mary Kay cosmetics. Then it is somewhat a badge of honor. Again, until the next owner paints it white. 

Porsche is stepping out on a ledge offering the 2021 Taycan in what it calls “Frozenberry.” Or maybe it is more like they’re jumping off a ledge. Either way, you look at it this is the most daring color offering for 2021.

Would Frozenberry be on your color list for a new Taycan?

Frozen Barry Porsche Taycan traveling down highway

The Reason Why Some Car Paint Colors Command a Premium

But as much as pink is not on our color list for the next new car we like it. Maybe it’s because it is so grayed out. It is not a sweet, icky pink but more like a pink-tinted silver. And we wouldn’t say it has a particularly feminine quality. Don’t forget pink men’s sportswear and dress shirts have enjoyed popularity in different periods since WWII. 

It will be interesting to see if Frozenberry Taycans languish on dealer lots or are otherwise discounted. If Frozenberry turns out to be a dud and in the future, you’re in the market for a used Taycan you might want to smoke it over to make sure it wasn’t once pink.