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A crash from traveling over 100 mph in a Model 3 Tesla has risks beyond what you would expect once the driver loses control. Things quickly went out of control besides his Tesla. It began by hitting numerous obstacles and ended up flinging batteries and parts in many different directions. Amazingly, only the driver received injuries.

Why were batteries flying around from the crash?

Tesla crash
Tesla crash in Oregon | CPD

After hitting speeds of over 100 mph, the driver lost control and first sheared off an electrical pole. From there, the Tesla smashed two trees and a telephone junction box to the ground. Chopping off the electric pole and trees at their bases ripped into the battery compartment. This caused batteries to shoot in all directions like bullets.

Two different homes in the vicinity of the crash had their windows shattered by speeding batteries. One of the batteries landed in the lap of the owner. The second window-shattering battery landed on a bed, which immediately caught on fire. There were no reports of burn victims. But a tire ripped from the car hit the side of the apartment, which had plumbing attached to it.

What happened to the Tesla driver?

Tesla crash
Tesla crash in Oregon | CPD

One of the water lines ruptured from the jolt of the impact, which began flooding the apartment, as well as the one below it. To review, broken windows, a fire, flooded apartment buildings, not to mention the poles and trees knocked down from the initial crash, were the collateral damage. All of this mayhem and yet, only the driver was injured

Once the Tesla came to a stop, the driver got out of it and ran away. When police got to the scene, they began their search. They discovered the driver three blocks away hiding. He was arrested, and taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. 

Was the driver charged after the crash?

Tesla crash
Tesla crash in Oregon | CPD

Police also had to issue a warning to neighboring residents to beware of “potentially hazardous batteries in the area of NW Walnut and NW Fairlawn, according to KMTR-16 TV. They also warned if you see a battery don’t pick it up. They can stay hot for up to 24 hours and could cause burns if handled. Also, toxic fumes can release, and leaking batteries could harm people and pets. 

The police tested the driver for any substance impairment. They found he was under the influence of marijuana. The police charged him with a drug DUI, hit-and-run, criminal mischief 2, reckless driving, and reckless endangering. Essentially, he’s in some deep trouble. 

The attorney’s fees and fines alone will be more than enough to make him a busy worker bee for some time, to pay off his immediate need for some big cash. 


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