Crashed $3 Million Ferrari Enzo Goes for a Swim and Makes a Bizarre Comeback

The Ferrari Enzo is a car the few people will ever own, and even fewer will modify. However, the owner of one of these Ferrari models decided to go all out with his ultra-rare hypercar. In the process, the car underwent a complete transformation before competing in a race.

During the rally, Jalopnik report that the car in question lost control and eventually ended up in a lake. However, this wasn’t the end for this hypercar. Instead, the incident created a bizarre opportunity.

How did this $3.5 million Ferrari Enzo end up in a lake?

An image of a Ferrari Enzo FXX stuck in a lake.
Ferrari Enzo FXX |

This crashed Ferrari Enzo story begins with the Targa Newfoundland race, says Jalopnik. The race consists of closing down public roads so supercar, and hypercar owners can race around for onlookers to see. However, as this modified Ferrari Enzo made its way through the course, it accidentally ran into some trouble.

Upon landing on a small road with bits of gravel on it, the Ferrari Enzo couldn’t put all of its power down. For context, the Enzo houses a naturally-aspirated 6.0-liter V12 developing 660 hp. Once the driver accelerated on the gravel, the hypercar quickly lost control and ended up going for a swim in a lake.

Thankfully, the lake isn’t fairly deep, so the driver and passenger can step out without issue. Unfortunately, water went absolutely everywhere as the hypercar sunk almost completely. Thankfully though, it seems none of the damage was structural. However, part of what makes this story unusual has to do with the car itself.

There is more to this Ferrari than meets the eye

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If this Ferrari Enzo looks a bit unusual, you’d be correct. Part of what makes this car so unusual is that it is styled to look like the track-only Enzo FXX. While the standard car was already ultra-rare with just 400 examples produced, the FXX took everything to the next level. The naturally aspirated V12 grew to 6.3-liters and developed 850 hp, almost 200 hp over the standard car for starters.

The likely reason why this Ferrari Enzo owner decided to modify their car instead of purchasing an FXX is that they weren’t available or road legal. According to Supercars, only 30 examples of the FXX were ever produced. Additionally, all of these cars are held and maintained by Ferrari. In short, when you want to utilize the car, Ferrari will prep it and take it to the racetrack of your choosing so you can enjoy it.

With so much invested in this ultra-rare hypercar, this owner decided to bring the crashed car back to life.

Where is this ultra-rare hypercar now?

There is no doubt that the accident totaled this Ferrari Enzo, especially considering the severe damage. However, according to ZR Auto on YouTube, the owner decided to rebuild and upgrade the crashed hypercar. This reportedly involved sending the car to Germany, where the team at Edo Competition began repairs.

After a thorough rebuild, the Edo Competition team decided to upgrade the engine and boost power up to 840 hp. What makes this particularly difficult is that no one outside Ferrari had extensive knowledge of how to upgrade this engine. From there, the car got aesthetic upgrades, which made it look even more like an FXX. As a result, the owner renamed the car “ZXX.” In the end, the car still lives with its original owner, who still races it often.