Craigslist Miami: The 10 Sexiest Cars for Sale

People and cars move down the street near bicycle parking
Beach traffic in downtown Miami |

The consistently warm weather, large port, and proximity to many cruise destinations has made the Port of Miami the “Cruise Capital of the World.” It is hard to imagine a city that originally incorporated with 300 citizens has grown into a metropolitan area that, according to US Census data, covers more than 55 square miles and has a population in excess of 400,000. The many individuals within the metropolitan area create a colorful and diverse setting against the backdrop of the fourth tallest skyline in the United States. With so much humanity crowed into a small area, it can be difficult to get around and local denizens may not want to take part in the tourist attractions. So what do the locals do when they have spare time on their hands? Hop on Craigslist Miami!

Craigslist Miami: A hotbed for sexy cars

Miami is known for being one of the best cities to see exotic cars patrolling its streets on any given day. There are so many, it seems a virtual necessity to own one. Custom builders and car collectors are always looking for a new ride — one that will stand out from the crowd — but many must sell their current rides before starting a new project. The best way to reach the a huge online audience is through Craigslist. Searching Craigslist Miami can be very time consuming. For every sexy car you find, you may have to scroll through a dozen pages of average-looking soccer mom rides. That is why we have put together Craiglist Miami: The 10 Sexiest Cars for Sale — a list to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

Blue 1971 Chevy Camaro with hood open
A custom 1971 Chevy Camaro | Craigslist Miami

The 1971 Chevrolet Camaro was a sexy beast as it was originally built, but this owner has blown this one up! The supercharged big block Chevy engine features Dart Pro 1 heads, shaft mount roller rockers, JE blower pistons, Eagle blower crank and rods, a 671 blower, and AED blower carbs. The engine was professionally built by Taylor Racing. The build list for the car goes on for days, justifying the $40,000 asking price.

2. 1975 Buick LeSabre convertible

A blue 1975 Buick LeSabre parked in a driveway
A 1975 Buick LeSabre convertible | Craigslist Miami

The 1975 Buick LeSabre was designed to be a large family-hauler way back in the day. Today, they are frequently customized and can be found just about anywhere. Why is this one so special and worth $25,000? It was owned by former Chicago Bear Chris “Hitman” Harris. The fuel-injected 455 and 26-inch staggered Vellano three-piece wheels help, too.

3. 2009 Maserati GranTurismo

A black Maeserati GranTurismo parked on grass
A 2009 Maserati GranTurismo | Craigslist Miami

The 2009 Maserati GranTurismo is powered by a 4.2-liter that is capable of 399 brake horsepower and is connected to a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox. When well tuned, the GranTurismo has a top speed that is regulated to 175 miles per hour for the North American market. This one is practically a steal at $43,000.

4. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Maroon 1970 Chevy Chevelle parked in front of a building
A classic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle | Craigslist Miami

The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle is a classic car and can be found cruising many streets across America. This particular car has several features to make it stand out. First, it only has 19,000 miles on it. Second, it has been upgraded with Edelbrock aluminum racing heads and valves and the owner has added racing headers to accentuate the exhaust system. The electronic racing ignition is just one of many other upgrades that justify the $18,950 asking price.

5. 1957 Porsche 356 Replica

Red 1957 Porsche 356 replica parked on a grassy area.
A 1957 Porsche 356 replica | Craigslist Miami

The 1957 Porsche 356 was Porsche’s first production car. The 356 was powered by small sub-2-liter engines, but featured dynamic design components that made it an instant hit. To buy an original would set you back more than $1 million. That is where replicas come in handy. With just 100 miles on it since a fresh rebuild, this model is well worth the $25,000 asking price.

6. 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10

Orange 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10
A 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 | Craigslist Miami

A Dodge Viper SRT-10 was awesome enough just as it was sold. The owner of this one went the extra mile by adding a Corsa track exhaust system, a K&N performance air induction system, a short throw shifter, and an Eclipse Avn 7000 in-dash retractable touch screen DVD/CD/MP3 with GPS navigation. Considering all of the other upgrades the owner has made, the $55,000 asking price is understandable.

7. 1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertible

1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertible parked in a driveway
A 1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertible | Craigslist Miami

In 1972, the Cadillac Eldorado convertible was the epitome of American-built luxury. Imagine a luxury car that could seat up to seven passengers and offered 560 brake horsepower when you needed it. $14,995 gets you a classic ’72 drop that is in near original condition and ready to cruise the streets of Miami.

8. 2012 Bentley Continental GT

2012 Bentley Continental GT parked in front of a building.
A 2012 Bentley Continental GT | Craigslist Miami

While we are talking about luxury, we cannot skip over this 2012 Bentley Continental GT. With just 21,000 miles on a 6.0-liter W12 with twin turbochargers, this car is sure to last for years and turn heads wherever you go. The $89,900 price tag is a relative bargain for a Continental GT.

9. 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Open-Top

A front view of a 2006 Hummer H1
A 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Open-Top | Craigslist Miami

Some people prefer a truck over a car, so here is a Hummer H1 Alpha Open-Top. This second generation H1 features a 6.6-liter 8-Duramax turbodiesel mated to a five-speed Allison gearbox, heated front seats, a heated windshield, and heated power mirrors. It has an HD brushguard for added effect. The $157,500 price tag may seem a bit ambitious, though seems to be a common price point for similar used models.

10. 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible

White 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible parked on the grass under a tree
A 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible | Craigslist Miami

It is hard to ignore classic muscle even in a city full of modern sport cars. This 1967 Pontiac GTO is powered by the original Pontiac 400 that offers 255 brake horsepower. With just 84,626 original miles on it, and the car in near original condition, the $46,000 asking price isn’t too bad.