Craigslist Atlanta: 10 Intense Vehicles to Attack the Trails

Atlanta's awesome skyline at night.
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When the “zero milestone” was first driven into the ground in the Five Points area, there were few people to witness the event. The area was little more than a wilderness that the Georgia General Assembly had voted to force a railroad through. Even when “Thrasherville” was founded a year later, no one would have thought that the five original buildings would turn into the Atlanta metropolitan area — the ninth largest in the United States.

With more than 5.5 million residents in the area, the wilderness has been pushed back quite a bit, but people living in “da A” still enjoy the exhilaration of hitting the trails. That spirit of freedom can be enjoyed if you have the right vehicle to drive: Cue the car and truck section of Craigslist Atlanta.

We all know that Craigslist can be a magical wonderland, filled with all sorts of unexpected treasures; you never know what’s going to be on there, but it’s sure to be good. After all, that’s why it’s so much fun to explore, right?

With so many freedom seekers in the Atlanta area, there are always great off-road vehicle finds to be had — some that you may not be able to find anywhere other than in A-town.

1. 1988 Suzuki Samurai

1988 Suzuki Samurai
1988 Suzuki Samurai | Craigslist Atlanta

The Samurai got Suzuki into hot water back in the ’80s because its short wheelbase made it susceptible to rollovers at highway speeds. Three decades later, the Samurai’s small footprint, light weight, and bulletproof four-wheel drive system make it one of the most capable off-roaders money can buy. This Suzuki has already been upgraded for trail duty. It can be all yours for a cool $2,500.

2. 1991 Humvee

1991 AM General Humvee
1991 AM General Humvee | Craigslist Atlanta

Most military surplus Humvees aren’t legally allowed to be registered for on-road use, but in our case, that’s just fine. This solid-looking troop carrier spent its life at Fort Campbell in Kentucky before being sold to its current owner. With a short cab up front and long bed out back, you can take yourself and nine of your closest friends just about anywhere for $12,999 — provided you steer clear of major roads.

3. 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
1989 Toyota Land Cruiser | Craigslist Atlanta

As the classic short-wheelbase Land Cruisers ascend to blue chip collectable status, vintage 4×4 fans are starting to scoop up the larger, later trucks. Luckily, this truck looks like it’s still being used for its intended purpose. This FJ62 model has some rust on the body and upwards of 230,000 miles on the clock (the odometer stopped working a long time ago), but the owner says the frame is clean, and it has a number of tasteful off-road upgrades. For $6,950, this could be a lot of truck.

4. 1988 Jeep Cherokee

1988 Jeep Cherokee
1988 Jeep Cherokee | Craigslist Atlanta

When it launched in 1984, the unibody Jeep Cherokee was instrumental in bringing the SUV to the suburbs. Luckily, they were Jeeps first and foremost, and could more than hold their own off-road. This ’88 has had a little help, thanks to a six inch lift and custom suspension. The owner is vague on details, and it’s always risky buying someone else’s project, but at $3,000, it could be a real bargain.

5. 1988 Toyota Pickup

1988 Toyota Pickup
1988 Toyota Pickup | Craigslist Atlanta

We don’t get Toyota’s famously indestructible Hilux pickup anymore, but back in the ’80s, we did  — though here it was imaginatively sold as the Toyota Pickup. This one is ready to put its tough-as-nails reputation to the test, with Mickey Thompson 38 inch tires and tube doors. For $3,500, you get everything you see here, along with the original doors if the tubular units aren’t to your taste.

6. 2010 Ford SVT Raptor

2010 Ford SVT Raptor
2010 Ford SVT Raptor | Craigslist Atlanta

Sure, you could buy an old truck and sink a bunch of money into making it a capable off-roader. But what about one that comes ready to go from the factory? This 2010 V8-powered Raptor is an early first-generation model, and looks good with 82,000 miles on the clock. Whether you want to off-road it or hold onto it (it’s a bona-fide future classic), you can do that for $28,900. That may be steep for a used truck, but compared to the $50k-and-up new model, it’s a bargain.

7. 1996 Ford Bronco

1996 Ford Bronco
1996 Ford Bronco | Craigslist Atlanta

This white ’96 Bronco isn’t much different from the star of the infamous O.J. Simpson chase, but you won’t get mistaken for the Juice anytime soo. This Bronco’s bright red, ant-like exoskeleton sets it apart. We’re not sure how much that’s helped the old truck over the years (it has plenty of dents and dings), but aside from the rumpled sheetmetal, the seller claims it’s been outfitted with an impressive off-road ready suspension, KC lights, and a 13,000 pound winch. At $10,890, it’s not cheap for an old Bronco, but then again, we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

8. 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD
2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD | Craigslist Atlanta

While we don’t get the Hilux stateside, the Tacoma has more than acquitted itself as a tough truck, and in TRD form, it’s a formidable off-roader too. Even with just 41,000 miles, this Toyota’s $31,650 asking price may seem steep, but it’s the final year of the second generation trucks. On top of that, we can’t think of a more desirable configuration. If the next buyer plays their cards right, they could get hundreds of thousands of miles out of this truck.

9. 1991 Mitsubishi Jeep Turbo Diesel

1991 Mitsubishi Jeep Turbo Diesel
1991 Mitsubishi Jeep Turbo Diesel | Craigslist Atlanta

Did you know that from 1953 to 1998, Mitsubishi built a version of the Willys Jeep? Of course, we never got them over here, but the Japanese automaker continued to upgrade its powertrain while staying true to the original Jeep’s no-nonsense roots. This 1991 model comes with just 40,000 miles on the clock, had a recent service, and gets over 30 miles per gallon from its diesel mill. This rare bird can be all yours for $13,250.

10. 1979 Ford F-150

1979 Ford F-150
1979 Ford F-150 | Craigslist Atlanta

Did you love the monster truck Bigfoot growing up? Of course you did! While this ’79 F-150 doesn’t have the deep blue paint job, the seller claims this true monster truck has over $30,000 invested into it. For $10,000, we can’t think of a better rig to make our inner child happy.