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Regardless if they’re considered overrated or not, supercars are undoubtedly eye-catching. And, understandably, many enthusiasts would want to own one, considering how supercar brands curate images of performance and exclusivity. However, while a specific model might be rare, some places are hot spots for exotic sheet metal—at least on social media. And that’s how one site figured out the countries with the most supercars.

European nations dominate the list of the countries with the most supercars

A line of supercars being photographed at Top Marques Monaco 2018
A line of supercars being photographed at Top Marques Monaco 2018 | Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images

This report of the countries with the most supercars comes courtesy of Australian motoring site Chasing Cars. The site gathered every Instagram post featuring one of 10 different supercar brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Ford. And no, that last brand isn’t a typo or mistake; more on this later. Once Chasing Cars had this information, it grouped the posts by geotag to each country.

However, a country’s place on Chasing Cars’ list isn’t based purely on post volume. It’s actually a ratio: (# of posts)/1000 motorists. This avoids giving the win to countries simply because they have more motorists. After all, with more people on the road, the chance of seeing a supercar naturally rises. Though, as Autoweek notes, this list is also based on social media activity, rather than actual registration figures.

Nevertheless, according to Chasing Cars’ research, the countries with the most supercars tend to be European. Of the Top 10 countries, seven are in Europe, including the Top 3. In 3rd place is Portugal, with 136 supercar posts per 1000 motorists. Denmark takes 2nd with 162 posts per 1000 motorists. But Monaco, home of the famous Grand Prix, is in 1st place by a significant margin, with 3,051 supercar posts per 1000 motorists.

However, while Monaco may be the supercar country according to social media, it’s not the supercar capital. According to Chasing Cars’ research, that would be Miami, Florida. Although the US ranks 15th on the site’s list (66 posts per 1000 motorists), Miami is “the most supercar-obsessed city.” The Australian site found 1,514 supercar-tagged posts per 1000 motorists in the Florida city. In comparison, the #2 city on the list, Manchester, UK, ‘only’ had 881 posts per 1000 motorists.

A black 2020 Ford GT
2020 Ford GT | Ford

Chasing Cars didn’t just find out which countries have the most supercars, though. It also determined, again via Instagram posts, which specific supercars and supercar brands were the most talked-about. And it’s here that Ford’s presence in the brand list above becomes clear.

Based on Chasing Cars’ data, the Ford GT is the most hash-tagged supercar on Instagram. It’s possible the early-2000s Ford GT is boosting those numbers. But it’s worth noting those GTs are becoming valuable in their own right, and they’re still supercars. So, a win’s a win.

However, while Ford has the most popular supercar on Instagram, other supercar brands are more popular as a whole. Ferrari, for example, has two models in Chasing Cars’ Top 10: the F40 at #6 and the LaFerrari at #8. But according to Instagram posts, the most popular supercar brand is McLaren, with four models in the Top 10. The LaFerrari-rivaling P1 is #2, the 720S is #4, the F1 is #5, and the Senna is #7.

Popularity doesn’t always translate to sales, though

A red 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S parked on a dirt parking space by rolling green hills
2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S | Porsche

Although McLaren is the most popular supercar brand on Instagram, it’s not the best-selling one. Autoweek took 2020 supercar sales figures and grouped them based on the models and brands in Chasing Cars’ Top 10 list. And the results show McLaren’s social media popularity isn’t necessarily reflected in sales.

Based on Autoweek’s data, Ferrari sold over seven times more supercars than McLaren in 2020. Porsche 911 sales alone in 2020 outnumbered McLaren’s total sales by almost the same amount. And the 911 Turbo is ‘only’ #9 on Chasing Cars’ Top 10 list, right before the Audi R8 V10.

In short, according to social media, Monaco is the place to be for supercar spotting. And statistically, you’ll likely spot some kind of Ferrari.

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