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Just a few weeks ago, the entire auto market became engrossed with the official introduction of the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla. This track-ready, exciting, and modern hot hatch is gearing up to take the market by storm. The Toyota GR Corolla is ready to make every drive more exciting thanks to the turbocharged three-cylinder engine, a unique all-wheel drive system, a six-speed manual transmission and a more efficient exhaust system. Notably missing from the announcement was the availability of an automatic transmission, which wasn’t all too surprising.

As with most performance-focused cars, the upcoming 2023 Toyota GR Corolla comes with only a unique six-speed manual transmission that can handle the extra power with ease. But, rumors are swirling, and there is chatter that Toyota could be bringing an automatic transmission to this hot hatch.

Why wasn’t an automatic transmission initially offered?

When the Toyota GR Corolla was announced, a manual transmission was the only transmission available. This stylish and exciting hot hatch is ready to reinvigorate the segment. This segment was seemingly dead and gone until just a few years ago. Missing from the initial announcement was the availability of an automatic transmission. While most enthusiasts don’t mind that omission, some potential shoppers didn’t love it.

The new Toyota GR Corolla is offered solely with a manual transmission because it allows drivers to be more connected to the road. With the ability to row through the gears yourself, you can have the power you want when you need it. 

Why should an automatic transmission be available?

three different pictures showing off the incredible design of the newest hot hatch the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla
Three Pictures Showing the Unique Design of the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla | Toyota

More drivers will consider shopping for this exciting hatchback if an automatic transmission is available. Despite the push to #savethemanuals, many drivers simply don’t want a manual transmission. While manual transmissions are undoubtedly more fun to drive, an automatic transmission can make driving in traffic easier. Yes, the Toyota GR Corolla is built and tuned for the track. But, most drivers will drive this car on city streets, and driving a manual transmission can be cumbersome sometimes.

One of the big reasons a new Toyota GR Corolla should offer an automatic transmission is that it can be faster. When equipped with an automatic transmission, a car can shift more quickly. This quick shifting can shave a few seconds off your time if you are on track. While the fun factor may not be the same, an automatic transmission can undoubtedly be easier and more relaxing to drive.

Is the Toyota GR Corolla getting an automatic transmission?

We don’t know for sure. But as of right now, all of the information points to it coming later. When this hot hatch debuted, it wasn’t surprising that it would only come with a manual. But, Toyota never ruled out the idea of offering an automatic transmission of some sort. According to CarWatch, a Japanese website, Toyota is developing an eight-speed automatic transmission for the Toyota GR Yaris, which is available in many markets outside of North America. This development immediately points to the idea that the Toyota GR Corolla would be receiving this transmission. Shoppers who didn’t initially consider a new Toyota GR Corolla would now have a reason to shop for one.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information

An automatic transmission wouldn’t be available until the 2024 model at the earliest. But, this is still an exciting prospect that you could be getting behind the wheel of a 300-horsepower hot hatch that can utilize a smooth and quick-shifting automatic transmission. 


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