Could the Multy Rack Replace Your Truck’s Trailor?

A major part of a pickup truck’s appeal is its do-it-all nature. Towing, hauling, people-moving, whatever the job. But, like building a character in a video game, speccing for one stat takes away from another. For instance, fitting a big, torquey engine for max towing capacity cuts down on payload. And vice versa: lighter, more fuel-efficient trucks can haul more gear in the bed, but can’t tow as much.

Plus, unless you’re hauling something like a big boat, horses, or a few Harleys, you may not want to deal with the hassle of a trailer. Luckily, there may be a solution. Ahead of this year’s SEMA show, the new company Multy is showing off something they claim makes pickup life way more convenient. Behold, the Multy Rack.

What Is the Multy Rack?

Indian Motorcycle Solo Luggage Rack
Indian Motorcycle Solo Luggage Rack | Indian

Many bicycles and motorcycles are fitted with storage racks. Made of metal, they allow cyclists and riders to carry additional gear efficiently and securely. You can think of the Multy Rack as a kind of pannier rack for your pickup.

The Multy Rack has three main components: the frame, the platform with load base, and the winch. According to both Multy and Motor1, the entire system is made of hand-welded high-grade aluminum for strength and uses CNC joints for precise fits. Motor1 also adds that the Rack is designed so that it and its load rests on your truck’s frame, rather than its bed.

As demonstrated in Multy’s promotional video, the Rack can accommodate anything from dirt bikes to jet skis on its platform. You can even deploy a jet ski straight into the water—aluminum doesn’t rust, after all. There are also removable bars that support and guide your gear onto the ground.

Loading and unloading are almost as easy as pushing a button. The Rack has a remote-controlled electronic winch. Deploy the load base, make sure your gear’s secure, and then press the button.

How Convenient is the Multy Rack?

Multy Rack with ATV
Multy Rack with ATV | Multy

Multy alleges that going from loaded to fully unloaded, or reverse, should take no more than 20 minutes. As this is a new product, there are no reviews to back up the claim.

Attaching the Rack to the truck’s frame, rather than just the bed, should make the whole system more secure and stable. However, even unloaded, the Multy Rack may raise your truck’s center of gravity. Multy does claim its Rack is the safest way to load and transport your gear, but again, we cannot back up this claim.

Fitting a Multy Rack would eliminate the need to worry about a long trailer behind you. But I can’t imagine rear visibility will be good once you put a jet ski in the bed. Driving with a Multy Rack installed will most likely come with its own list of caution points.

Should I be Interested in the Multy Rack?

Multy Rack with Jet Skis
Multy Rack with Jet Skis | Multy

Multy claims that any truck on the market can be fitted with one of its Racks. Not just new trucks, but older models, too. Considering the company welds each one by hand, this doesn’t seem unlikely.

As of this writing, Multy has not revealed the Multy Rack’s weight limits or pricing. But with SEMA just a few weeks away, more information should be forthcoming. So, if you’re interested in ditching your trailer, stay tuned.