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The new 2024 Chevy Blazer SS could be seriously quick. GM released a new image of the EV Chevy Blazer SUV and on the front of the grille, it has a little SS badge. SS has been Chevy’s go-to badge for super sport performance since the 1960s. Chevy says the Blazer will have a “performance-boosting SS trim,” but what could it mean for the Blazer SS? Many EVs have super-powerful dual-motor systems and with the Ultium platform, it’s not impossible that Chevy would give it two. The Hummer EV truck has three motors that make 1,000 horsepower.

The new Chevy Blazer SS could be really, really, quick

2024 Chevy Blazer EV SS | Chevy

The Blazer SS will sit on the new Ultium platform, which is GM’s skateboard-like EV platform. That platform uses up to two 255-kilowatt, or 341 horsepower, motors. So, if Chevy does build a two-motor Blazer, we could be looking at a seriously fast, 682-horsepower, EV. It could be seriously quick. But, of course, the Ultium platform can also use 180-KW, or 241 horsepower, electric motors, too. GM will release full details on June 18.

Look out, Ford Mach-E and Tesla Model Y

The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is one of the most exciting and satisfying SUVs in the market. But will the new 2024 Chevy Blazer SS EV have more power?
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT | Ford

The Ford Mach E is the mainstream hotrod of EV SUVs in GT trim. The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition can hit 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds thanks to its 480-horsepower electric motor. That power comes from two motors and a larger battery pack. The all-wheel drive Performance Edition also gets special brakes, MagneRide suspension, and stickier tires.

The Tesla Model Y Performance edition is also a dual-motor all-wheel-drive package. It posts similar 0-60 times as the Ford and also makes 480 horses.

What is the Chevy Blazer SS EV’s Ultium platform?

Electric Chevy Silverado Ultium platform
Electric Chevy Silverado Ultium platform | Chevrolet

General Motors created Ultium to underpin its electric vehicles. General Motors has said it will phase out its fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2035. In 2020 it announced the Ultium electric vehicle platform that will be the basis for its cars and trucks like the new Sierra EV and GMC Hummer EV. In the Hummer EV, the platform is proving to be heavy but powerful, launching the 9,000-pound truck with so much force it’ll hit 60 mph in about 3.0 seconds. Will Chevy add that much power to the Chevy Blazer SS EV?

GM achieves its modular abilities with its platform with modular batteries. Each pack can be stacked vertically or horizontally, which means that packaging can be optimized for each vehicle. Honda has partnered with GM and will use the Ultium platform for some of its EVs, too.

Chevy is planning an EV Equinox for 2023

Chevy says the Equinox EV LT should start at around $30,000 for the LT trim and be released in the fall of 2023. LT is usually one trim level more expensive than the base Equinox. It should go head-to-head with the new Toyota bZ4X. The new SUV is expected to run on the Ultium platform, like the Cadillac Lyric and GMC Hummer EV Truck. We don’t expect the compact Equinox to have 1,000 horsepower like the Hummer, but it will likely need at least 250 to compete with the base Mustang Mach-E, which has 266.

The new Equinox is expected to debut in the fall of 2023 in LT and LS trims. The current Chevy Equinox offers a street-racer-styled RS package, and we certainly hope the tuners at Chevy try that on the EV version, too. Some dealerships are already taking pre-orders, too, for the new Equinox.


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