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Many people are excited to drive the new Porsche Taycan, a flagship EV among the brand’s sporty, luxurious cars. However, with the Taycan retailing for over $80,000, the average person might never get to buy one. Fortunately, Porsche has developed a service to make its cars more accessible.

The Taycan is the newest addition to Porsche Drive, a subscription service that allows consumers to rent multiple cars from the automaker. According to Motor1, becoming a subscriber isn’t exactly cheap. Still, it might be one of the best options if you’re itching to get behind the wheel of a Taycan.

How does Porsche Drive work?

Drivers can rent several models in the Porsche lineup, starting from $2,100 a month. At this tier, you can experience the Cayenne or the Cayman. The $3,100-per-month fleet includes more exciting models, including some 911 models and GTS trims.

Renting the Porsche Taycan starts at $2,500, while the Taycan 4S is available for $3,250 per month. However, the latter isn’t a part of the multi-vehicle subscription, reducing its value. To join each tier, you must be at least 27 years old and pass a background check.

For drivers who don’t want to pay that much, Porsche also offers a daily rate of $295 for the Porsche Taycan. And you can rent the Taycan 4S for $335 per day. You must keep each car for at least three days, but the minimum age for this service is only 21.

Is Porsche Drive worth it?

The regular monthly service is ideal for people who want to experience a Porsche vehicle without a long-term commitment. For most of the brand’s models, that’s less than what you’d put down each month on a car loan. Additionally, the plan also covers maintenance and insurance costs.

The daily rental fee is slightly less of a value, but it allows younger drivers to get in on the fun. For both the daily and monthly subscriptions, drivers are still required to pay for their own fuel.

Is the Porsche Taycan worth driving?

The Porsche Taycan is in a more expensive tier, but it boasts impressive performance specs. The base model packs an electric motor and a 79-kWh battery producing 321 hp. The 4S is considerably more powerful, with a dual-motor setup capable of up to 562 hp. 

Unlike most EVs, all Taycan models come with a two-speed transmission. The two-speed gearbox allows for an extra boost during heavy throttle. According to Car and Driver, the Taycan 4S can reach 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. 

Though not included in Porsche Drive, the S Turbo models are a full second quicker. Handling on all the Taycan models is equally thrilling, and its momentum never decreases. Better still, the ride is smooth despite its sporty suspension and big wheels.

Its electric range — only 227 miles with the biggest battery pack — is subpar compared to many EVs. A DC fast charger can restore the battery to 80 percent capacity in about an hour and a half.

The Porsche Taycan’s interior is already luxurious enough, but you can customize it with several convenience options. You can add heating, ventilation, massaging features to the seats. Other optional perks include four-way automatic climate control and a premium 21-speaker audio system.

The Taycan’s only downside is its infotainment interface. Like most Porsche systems, it requires a steep learning curve, which might be problematic for three-day renters. Fortunately, most drivers will be too enthusiastic about the car’s performance to care.


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