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Anything described as Corvette-like and both submersible and flies gets our attention real quick. This marine vessel is the submersible “Jet Shark.” It’s an unusual four-seat shark-like personal watercraft that, well, skims on or under water and also leaps above the water’s surface. 

What does the Jet Shark do?

Sea Shark
Innespace Sea Shark | Innespace

So in reality, it won’t dive to extreme depths or become airborne for a long period. It is more like slicing along the waterline. And the cabin is air-conditioned. This is necessary as once you’re in the Jet Shark it is sealed to prevent water from entering. 

The wing doors swing open and then lock. If the passengers want the doors open, then the ssubmersible Jet Shark is more like a typical boat, floating on top of the water. It’s an instant cruiser if you will. But if occupants decide to flip to the other extreme, the doors come down, lock, and soon you’re slicing just above or below the water’s surface. 

Who makes the Jet Shark?

It can’t sink unless the cockpit doors are open. And the fins or skegs on the sides aren’t pushing the shark’s appearance. They keep the Jet Shark from flipping over 180 degrees. But the silver finish on the prototype certainly does telegraph the shark-ness of the Jet Shark. 

Sea Shark
Innespace Sea Shark | Innespace

The tall prominent fin riding high has a built-in camera. With the Jet Shark below the water’s surface, it gives the pilot a clear view of what’s on the water. This is a safety feature so there are no collisions with another boat, skier, or swimmer. 

Innespace Seabreacher | Innespace

The Jet Shark is a collaboration between Australian designers Rob Innes and Dan Piazza. Their first adventure into submersibles, the Seabreacher, was the predecessor to the Sea Shark. It is a two-seat personal watercraft that has seen several generations over the past 25+ years. 

Is it safe?

Sea Shark
Innespace Sea Shark | Innespace

The main difference between the two submersible watercraft is that the Sea Shark is a larger boat-like vessel. It carries on the tradition of offering multiple aquatic capabilities “in the safety and comfort of a dry, sealed cockpit. Note that Innespace, the company making these diving machines, creates these vehicles “working closely with marine safety organizations to construct vessels that are simple to operate and meet or exceed marine safety requirements.”

InnespaceJetavator | Innespace

Innespace describes its Seabreacher as “the twisted union of a marine mammal and a high-performance fighter jet.” We like that description. They have also developed the “Jetavator.” they describe it as “the world’s first water-propelled flying bike.” 

And if you remember the Speeder Bikes from Star Wars, they’ve also developed the Jedovator (not Jetivator) that uses the Jetavator technology. It’s like a Speeder bike for the water. So needless to say, Innespace has cornered the market on water hijinks

Sea Shark
Innespace Sea Shark | Innespace

Should you be interested in any of their products you can head over to their website. You’ll get an eyeful of the crazy aquatic machines it manufactures.


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