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Car people are excited about the upcoming Toyota Corolla GR hatchback. The Corolla GR promises to be taut, swift, and practical from the brand with the last word in reliability. However, we all knew that GAZOO Racing couldn’t leave the hatchback alone. After a litany of changes, we get the Toyota GR MORIZO Edition with more torque and fewer seats. 

What’s different about the Toyota Corolla GR MORIZO Edition?

The Toyota Corolla GR MORIZO Edition is torquier, lighter, tighter, and cools better than the already impressive Corolla GR. First, the wizards at GAZOO Racing endowed the track-ready hatchback with 295 lb-ft of torque, up from the original 273. Next, Toyota introduced shorter differential gears and a close-ratio transmission. 

Toyota Corolla GR MORIZO Edition is the premier GAZOO Racing hatchback
Side profile of the new MORIZO Edition | Toyota

Getting into handling characteristics, GAZOO Racing stiffened the MORIZO Edition. Also, the Corolla GR MORIZO Edition ditches the back seats in a wild move, meaning the hatchback will be a two-seater car with four doors. Add some mono-tube shocks, better-ventilated braking, and a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and you’ve got a track-friendlier version than the already crazy car

Beyond speed and handling, the special release hatchback gets a special Ultrasuede ® interior and sporty seating with red and black trim. However, most observers will first notice the braced gap where the rear seats would have been. Instead, Toyota claims that it is just big enough to accommodate your extra set of track day tires. 

Why is it called a MORIZO Edition?

Toyota named the limited-release vehicle in honor of Toyota President and corner-carver Akio Toyoda. Also, Toyoda reportedly designed the expectations of the premier Corolla GR himself. 

GAZOO Racing's MORIZO Edition is a mean hot hatchback
The new GAZOO Racing hot hatchback has dramatic styling | Toyota

Will any of the special Corolla GR cars come to the US?

Toyota already released that very few of the standard hatchbacks will make it to US shores. However, it is unclear how many MORIZO Edition cars will be imported for the American market. 

How much is the Toyota Corolla GR MORIZO Edition going to cost?

According to Car and Driver, the Toyota Corolla GR will probably cost around $50,995. That puts the hot hatchback well above the tenured Volkswagen Golf R ($45,085). However, considering the car promises 300 horsepower and a track-ready demeanor, it will be money well spent. Still, with the few numbers likely to hit American shores, good luck snagging one.

The new GAZOO Racing hatchback's front end is angry-looking.
The front end of the new MORIZO Edition | Toyota

Enter the MORIZO Edition. The sharpened, stiffened, enraged track hatchback will likely cost quite a bit more than the standard car. However, the little hot hatchback is going to cost you. 

Should you buy it? 

It is less a question of if you should buy it and more whether you can manage to buy it. According to Edmunds, just 5,100 Corolla GRs will be up for sale. In addition to those hatchbacks, 1,500 Circuit Edition cars will be available for the track-oriented customer. 

However, even those modest numbers seem huge compared to the availability of the MORIZO Edition. Toyota will release just 200 of the performance-focused hatchback for the launch year. So if you can get your hands on it, you might want to make a Toyota Corolla GR MORIZO Edition your track weapon of choice. 

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This article was updated with the latest information on 9/6/2022