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Remember Saab, that Swedish carmaker that just faded away in 2012 from the GM bankruptcy? At one time it was an independent carmaker before GM started gobbling up brands for Gawd-knows-why?  Anyway, Saab had a following and was around for decades. So it goes that there are those in the vastness of car enthusiasm that still owns them. And drive them. So they’ll need parts here and there. 

You could be the King of Saabs winning this auction

old green Saab with two women
Saab Peggy Sue | Patrick PIEL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

And now there is a huge horde of Saab parts for sale on eBay. Just think; you could be the king of Saabs if you bought this auction. Do you think you’re the perfect patron of Saab stuff? 

There are a few small catches. First, there is no breakdown of what you’ll be buying. The auction description says, “Saab car OEM bumpers, lights, windows, panels, a huge lot of new parts. Over 1,000 pieces.” Yeah, it is pretty vague. 

Further in it says, “Most from 1995-2004-all new mixed pieces.” That’s a little more information, but it is still what you would call “a pig in a poke.” If one were thinking about starting a Saab business he or she would want to know what they were getting to determine if it is worth the asking price.

Would you buy this auction of over 1,000 Saab parts for $160,000?

"Save Saab" sign
A man puts a sign “Save Saab” on his Saab in Sofia on January 16, 2010 | NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP via Getty Images

That’s the other thing; the asking price is $160,000. Yeah, a lot of money for a horde of parts of which you have no idea what it consists of. It is a Saab treasure trove for sure. It’s just that without knowing what’s there it is unknown what’s a treasure and what’s trash.

The description goes on to say there are lots of small parts. Some are loose and not in boxes or bags which isn’t a great thing. If you’re an expert in Saab stuff then this won’t deter you from knowing what you have. Once you get it.

The final issue with all of this is that the Saab parts are in Jordan. The Middle East Jordan, not Jordan, Texas. But the owner will ship it all by a container if that is any consolation. 

If the Saab stuff is too much there are also “luxury watches, pens, and more

lone Saab at dealership
A Saab automobile stands on a parking lot of a Saab AB dealership near the factory in Trollhattan, Sweden | Linus Hook/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So, taken as a whole, this is an intriguing auction that has lots of issues. But there are some other things you might want to barter for. The same seller has a lot of luxury watches, pens, and other miscellaneous stuff. 

If you’re into things like that and also Saabs you may have so much in common you’ll become best bros. And if these particular years of Saab are really desirable and parts for them are scarce, you might just want to scarf up the parts and not worry. But, we suspect these will move slowly, so be careful.


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