Cops Clown Driver on Twitter For Crashing $285k Rental McLaren 720s in Attempted Street Race

Wrecking a perfectly good supercar has got to suck. Then, everyone finding out why you wrecked is because you tried to street race a Lamborghini has to suck even more. Then to wrap up this ball of suck, the cops who show up to the wreck roast you up and down on Twitter. This is precisely what happened to a wannabe racer in his rental McLaren 720s. 

You know it’s bad when the cops show up and clown on you 

As the driver of this McLaren 720s found out the hard way, there is more than separates all of us from Lewis Hamilton than just a fast car. According to The Drive, California Highway Patrol reports that the crash happened on the 101 this past Monday. Specifically, the crash happened on Cahuenga Pass, a known dangerous stretch of road. 

Wrecked, orange McLaren 720S
Wrecked McLaren 720S | CHP Central LA

The driver of the rental McLaren not only made a poor decision to race on public roads but also picked a specifically dangerous stretch to bow up to the Lamborghini he was racing when the crash occurred. 

How did the McLaren 720s crash?

According to The Drive, no official account was given about how it happened. However, the photos of the aftermath are fairly telling. The Drive analyzed the crash scene images and seems to have cracked the case on what happened to ol’ Lewis Hamilton Jr. 


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The tire marks on the road seem to indicate that the driver slammed the brakes at high speed and the locked tires dragged the car across the road where the 720s hit the wall so hard that its back right suspension broke off completely. The McLaren must have spun around at some point and also popped the front end as coolant leaked all over the road. However, the airbags did not deploy. According to the police, thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

When you crash and police rag on you 

So, where do the comedian cops come into play? After police cleared the scene and everyone was accounted for, they snapped some photos of the wrecked McLaren and decided to post this little zinger on Twitter for a nice easy dunk on the driver. 

“When you rent a McLaren 570 🏎 & decide to race a Lamborghini 🏎 on the US-101 & crash! Next time you should consider getting the rental insurance! Luckily no one was seriously injured.” 

Even though the cops called it a “570” instead of a “720”, they still landed a solid jab on the weekend warrior supercar renter. 

People should be a lot more careful with 710 horsepower

I know it sounds like something an old fuddy-duddy might say, but money shouldn’t be the only barrier to entry on driving supercars on public roads. Most people are not equipped to handle the power of some of these cars, like the McLaren 720S. 

The rental that this guy was haphazardly racing in public is home to a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 making 710 hp. It can go from standing still to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds. It will continue with such ferocity until it hits its top speed of 212 mph. Thankfully the McLarens have super-sophisticated computers in them to help people not crash, but as the old-timers say, “there’s no fix for stupid.”