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  • Restomodding turns your Mini Cooper into an EV
  • Only 100 miles of range is possible because of the Mini’s size
  • Mini has yet to announce pricing

Classic cars are getting “restomodded” left and right. Singer will take every red cent you have and build you the world’s best Porsche 911, and Aston Martin will give your Vanquish the manual transmission it should’ve come with from the factory. Electric motors only expand these possibilities, and now the Mini Cooper EV, or Mini Recharged, as the brand calls it, is here to make that point.

A trio of Mini Cooper EV conversions in the brand's workshops in the UK
Mini will ship your old Mini to the UK and restore it with an EV heart | Mini

How much is this Mini Cooper EV? More than you can afford pal

For an as-yet-undisclosed sum, the BMW-owned brand will take your classic collector car Mini and turn it into an EV. I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. No matter; it’s still cool as hell. Truthfully, old cars like a classic Austin Mini are perfect for EV swaps. If you’ve ever driven one, like a VW Bus, you know it could use an extra 50-100 hp. They’re old, rickety, and just a little scary as a result. A pair of electric motors fixes almost all of those complaints.

Where the fuel filler neck one sat, there is instead an outlet for charging. And the fuel gauge is now replaced by a period-look charge meter, with 100 at one end and “oh shit I gotta charge this” at the other (it actually says 0). Out goes the original 60’s era dinosaur-killer and in goes a pair of electric motors. Thanks to 120 instantaneous horsepower (0-60 in 9 flat), the newer Mini Cooper EV will feel far more rapid than any classic Mini.

This Mini Cooper EV conversion is totally reversible

The interior of Mini's EV-swapped Cooper with plaid door inserts and green cloth seats
Plaid inserts are easily the most retro part of the interior | Mini

However, unlike the aforementioned EV-swapped VW Bus, the engine is absolutely part of the experience in a Mini Cooper. Thankfully, the brand promises that the work done is totally reversible. That way, should you wish to head over to Bring a Trailer and cash out, you can. Again, pricing for the “ah man why did I do this” moment hasn’t been announced. We assume it’ll be significant. Thankfully, you can keep the interior.

The Mini Cooper EV will also come with one of those, fully restored. And, as you can see by the rad plaid doors, it’s designed to be as period-correct as possible, just like those gauges. Obviously, “period-correct” does not mean old. Your new Mini Cooper EV restomod will come fully refurbished from inside out. We suspect that means buying a concourse-quality car helps lower the price.

Is 100 miles of EV range enough?

The rear of a red Mini Cooper EV seen in Mini's plant in the UK
You can charge the Mini like any modern EV | Mini

One thing I’ve neglected to mention is the battery. Predictably, given the Mini’s well, mini size, the range is less than ideal. Mini says buyers can expect a range of around 100 miles and a 6.6kW charger. Obviously, this isn’t really something you can use all day every day. But as a fun novelty? Well, that’s what Minis are all about, so sign us up (depending on the price, of course).


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