In These Cool RV Rentals, You Can Party Like a Rock Star

We often cover the best RVs to buy and offer tips for living your best camper life. But RV ownership isn’t for everyone. They can be expensive to purchase and maintain and complicated to operate, especially for first-timers. However, you don’t have to own a motorhome to enjoy one. In fact, RV rentals abound.

And if you’re looking for a luxurious trip where you don’t even have to drive, you have to see Hemphill Brothers Coach Company buses. These RV rentals will have you partying like a rock star.

The Hemphill Brothers Coach Company

The black and beige lounge inside a Hemphill Brothers Coach Company luxury RV
A Hemphill Brothers Coach Company luxury RV’s front lounge | Hemphill Brothers Coach Company

The Hemphill Brothers Coach Company is an essential business that’s open for business, its website says. Brothers Joey and Trent Hemphill grew up in the bus-leasing business with their father. It would be the foundation the brothers needed to go into the bus business together in 1980.

With their company located in Whites Creek, just outside Nashville, the Hemphill brothers thrived in the coach rental business. They found success by providing tour buses for celebrity A-listers. They’ve rented glamorous tour buses to superstars such as Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé. 

Hemphill Brothers Coach Company got creative in a COVID-19 world

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Business came to a grinding halt for most of the world last March. The pandemic hit concert RV rentals especially hard. In an interview with CNBC, Trent Hemphill said Hemphill Brothers Coach Company was primed for 2020 to be its “best year yet.” But with concerts canceled nationwide, nearly $30 million in musician-booked tour-bus revenue disappeared.

But the Hemphill brothers weren’t ready to throw in the towel on their family business. They kept their heads in the RV game even as buses sat for three months, and the brothers had to lay off some of their staff. They quickly hatched a plan to pivot and branch out into something new. Their “travel like a rock star” campaign was born.

Rental RVs don’t get cooler than these

The Hemphill brothers took to social media to market their celebrity musician tour buses to the masses. The “travel like a rock star” experience would help get them back in business and get their employees back to work. The campaign went viral, and these rolling five-star hotels became incredibly popular. Families and friends could rent RVs capable of sleeping 12, accommodating pets, and featuring top-notch amenities. Each bus has its own customized layout, meaning no two are alike, and no two luxury RV experiences are the same.

Every luxury bus will make travelers feel like rock stars. For $1,200 per day, these RV rentals feature genuine leather, granite, marble, and hardwood flooring. The price includes a private driver, fuel, and incidentals. And the company will send drivers to any home in the continental United States. Customize your itinerary or select a predetermined route.

Travel responsibly

These super-cool RV rentals are perfect party pads on wheels, but it’s important to be responsible during the pandemic. No matter where your rock-star RV excursion takes you, be mindful of your health and safety regarding COVID best practices per the CDC

If you, like many Americans, need a vacation, there’s no better way than kicking back and relaxing while someone else drives. These over-the-top rentals could be just the experience you need to unwind.