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If you’ve been considering going electric, now might be the right time. The benefits of driving an EV are numerous. For starters, electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain than internal combustion engine (ICDF) cars. Plus, electricity is far less expensive than gasoline. But can you convert an ICE car into an EV?

Yes, you can turn a gas-powered car into an EV

EV conversion
A man removes the engine of an old Citroen 2CV to replace it with an electric motor | Clement Mahoudeau/AFP via Getty Images

“It’s possible to convert a gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle, but first, you have to consider a few things: battery storage space, weight, chassis, transmission, and the type of vehicle,” MUO explains. “You should also make sure you actually want to use an electric vehicle before moving forward.”

One of the main points you need to know is that converting a gas car to an EV is not for beginners. You’ll need to have a solid understanding of automobiles and how they work. And the process will take time, effort, and money. 

First, you’ll have to remove certain parts, such as the exhaust, fuel lines, radiator, and gas tank. And depending on your car’s age, you might need to replace the transmission with an electronically controlled system.

You’ll also have to swap the engine with an electric motor. Kits can help with the conversion process, but they can be costly.

Furthermore, converting a gas car to an electric vehicle involves risks. Any step could go wrong during the process, so know the pitfalls before beginning the project. But the result can be worth the effort, especially for gearheads.

How much does vehicle conversion cost?

You’re probably wondering how much this undertaking will cost. Is it worth the time and effort, or are you better off purchasing an electric car? Depending on your current vehicle, expect an EV conversion kit to range from $7,500 and $25,000. Remember, an EV battery replacement alone might cost $6,000 to $20,000. So, no matter which route you take, anticipate spending thousands. 

Should you convert your gas-powered vehicle to an EV?

Turning a gasoline-powered vehicle into an electric car is possible, but it’s not simple. It will take time, effort, and money to complete the project. Plus, you must have a strong understanding of autos, their components, and how they work. There are also risks involved, so make sure you understand them before starting the conversion process. 

But overall, turning your car into an EV can be an excellent learning experience or even a fun hobby. If you like DIY projects, you might enjoy the process.


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