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SUVs are getting smarter with every year. Now, you can use Amazon Alexa to control your 2022 Lincoln Navigator. While having Alexa integrated into new cars isn’t new, some of the capabilities are. Feeling cold? Alexa can change the temperature to make the sport utility vehicle more comfortable. What else is new with this large luxury SUV?

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator utilizes Amazon Alexa for convenience

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator uses Amazon's Alexa
The 2022 Lincoln Navigator SUV driving | Lincoln

Having Amazon Alexa in a car isn’t really new technology. The Fast Lane Truck says it has been around for five years with some manufacturers. However, the amount of things drives can do with Alexa has undoubtedly increased. Case in point: the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator SUV.

Amazon has allowed Alexa to work with the infotainment system, the air conditioning, climate controls, and other convenient systems to help keep eyes on the road. Lincoln Way, or the SYNC 4 system, allows “easy-to-use, responsive voice-activated technology” to help drivers.

You can also use it to help avoid traffic or find the nearest Starbucks for a quick stop. Not to mention that Alexa can give you weather alerts and sports scores without taking your eyes off the road. The Lincoln Navigator sport utility vehicle can do it all with the help of Amazon.

Amazon Alexa can help you find the nearest gas station in your 2022 Lincoln Navigator

The Fast Lane Truck people tested out the upgraded system at the 2022 New York Auto Show. Alexa can now learn when someone in the car is cold just by hearing the phrase “I’m cold.” Upon responding, Alexa will bump the temperature up five degrees to make the vehicle more comfortable.

During testing at the auto show, Alexa delivered accurate and recent enough sports scores. The 2022 Lincoln Navigator also offered him the nearest museum options without much delay. This version of Amazon Alexa does everything your home speaker might do – just in the car.

The main difference is that it can adjust things on the vehicle as it drives along. Alexa can also learn the different preferences of the driver, which is a significant milestone for the system.

This sport utility vehicle combines comfort, technology, and luxury

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator is a three-row SUV with room for seven or eight passengers, depending on the configuration. It also offers a Wi-Fi hot spot, tons of USB ports, a nice sound system, and a dual-screen entertainment system in the back. It is one of the best large luxury SUVs for 2022.

The 2022 Navigator starts at $76,710 for the base model. That gets 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway and has room for plenty of cargo in the back. Lincoln offers a Black Label and a Black Label L version for even more space this year. The large luxury SUV category has expanded a lot in the last few years with vehicles like the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the Cadillac Escalade. Can the 2022 Lincoln Navigator retain its hold on the segment? Keep an eye out for more reviews as the year rolls on.


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