Consumer Reports: These Hondas Can Go for 200,000 Miles and Beyond

Like Toyota, Honda is rated as one of the most trustworthy carmakers. We love our Hondas because of how comfortable and convenient they are, and the available amenities are pretty great too. Honda vehicles are relatively low maintenance and offer great value for the money you spend. Some of the carmakers’ models, in particular, are better than the rest. The models listed below can last for 200,000 miles or more based on Consumer Reports ratings.  

Honda Accord

2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Score: 3/5

The Honda Accord is a practical sedan that seems to get more daring with each new year. It gained popularity for its reliability factor in the 90s’, along with the Toyota Camry. What makes the Accord special though is that it cleverly embodies leisure, safety, and charm. The Accord has been known as a great family sedan, but its sleeker styling and updated technology have made it more popular with millennials too. In 2018, Honda refreshed the Accord with a modernized interior cabin that really gives it a more luxurious feel.

CR gives the 2020 Accord high marks for its 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 192-horsepower, making it one the fastest cars in its class.

Honda Odyssey

2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Score: 2/5

The Odyssey is a trusted minivan that tries really hard to be cool, and it actually succeeds. Honda is very intentional with each redesign of the Odyssey and aims to include new features that benefit modern families. Back in 2014, the automaker first showed off the minivan’s built-in vacuum cleaners which comes in clutch for many families.

In 2020, the minivan now offers a 10-speed automatic transmission that works to give you a smoother driving experience. The Odyssey also plays off of previous modern designs and offers tons of entertainment features like the Blu-Ray disc system and updated infotainment. Ironically though, the recent in-car electronics have brought down the Odyssey’s predicated reliability score recently because they aren’t the most user-friendly.

Honda Pilot

2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Score: 3/5

The Honda Pilot is a recommended CR ride that’s made for families without the “mom-mobile” vibe that a minivan has. The Pilot is known for its versatility, and the 2020 model specifically has plenty of space for the whole family plus ample cargo space. It also has an array of standard safety features including automatic braking and forward collision assistance.

Honda CR-V

2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Score: 3/5

The top-selling CR-V consistently ranks favorably among drivers because it’s fuel-efficient, comfortable, safe, and responsive. This SUV is a great option if you’re looking for plenty of interior space, but it’s still compact enough to maneuver in and out of tricky driving situations. Honda has also prioritized fitting the newer CR-V models with convenient infotainment. You’ll also appreciate the updated standard safety features.