Consumer Reports Tests Show the 2019 Dodge Ram Failed in This Major Category

One of the best-selling, full-size pickups, the Dodge Ram has been around for decades. With the help of Consumer Reports, owners and car lovers alike can get a better insight into the reliability, value, and shortcomings of a new vehicle. So where did the new 2019 Dodge Ram rank among the competition?

Where the Dodge Ram falls short

One category the 2019 Dodge Ram rates poorly in is fuel economy. Consumer Reports only gives it a one out of five in fuel economy, averaging an overall 17 MPG. With so many fuel-friendly vehicles out there, full-size trucks fall behind in this category. Also, the Ram didn’t fare well in these categories: braking, emergency handling, and interior fit and finish. Each only received scores of three out of five.

Although the Dodge Ram ranks low in fuel economy, many drivers aren’t seeking a gas-saver when buying a truck. What Consumer Reports wants new owners to know about the Dodge Ram is its poor reliability rating and lackluster reliability history. The current 2019 Ram is rated with a predicted reliability rating of only two out five.

The NHTSA (National Traffic Highway Safety Administration) has issued more than 10 recalls on the current model. In fact, throughout the Ram’s history, its overall reliability ratings are poor. Trouble spots reported by owners include issues with in-car electronics, power equipment, fuel system, suspension, and exhaust (in some model years).

Many owners may enjoy the Ram, but don’t necessarily agree that they got what they paid for. Owner satisfaction ratings for the Ram’s value sit at a cool 70 out of 100. And with a competitive starting price of just over $32,000, reliability and fuel economy play crucial roles.

What Consumer Reports likes about the Ram

Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 an overall score of 64 out of 100, which is neither great nor horrible. Compared to other full-size pickups in its class, its overall score ranks second among the competition. Though an overall score of 64 isn’t the best, it beat out other trucks like the 2019 Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ford F-250. 

Consumer Reports likes the 2019 Ram’s transmission, noise level, rear-seat comfort, and trunk-cargo area best, with high ratings of five out of five. Though not perfect, the Ram also received ratings of four out of five in its front-seat comfort, ride, and acceleration. Consumer Reports did find that reliability is high in regards to engine and engine cooling problems, its electric system, and brakes.

Owner satisfaction ratings found that the Dodge Ram is favored among owners for its driving experience and comfort, which both received high marks of 91 out of 100. But how its styled from the inside out is what owners really seem to love, with an even higher score of 94. These ratings provided the Ram with an overall owner satisfaction score of five out of five. The 2019 Ram also got top marks for safety concerning crash testing.

Test-driving the Dodge Ram 

Consumer Reports found that driving the 2019 Dodge Ram is a pleasure overall. Referred to as “a kinder, gentler pickup truck in a competitive field,” the Ram is lighter and more spacious than ever.

While on the drive, its powertrain was smooth and satisfying, with a suspension system that made the Ram more comfortable than most. Riding in the cabin is quiet and comfortable, handling is responsive, and a towing capacity of more than 12,000 pounds ensures the Ram is ready for anything.