Consumer Reports Tested These Electric Scooters And Said…

Electric scooters are optimal for big-city folk who don’t want the hassle and stress of owning or driving a car. Parking, traffic, and a number of other problems plague car owners in cities like New York City and Los Angeles and sometimes getting around on something more compact and easy sounds like the better option. Less common than most cars, it’s hard to tell what electric scooters are worth your time and money, and which ones to avoid. Lucky for us, Consumer Reports has tested a few and gave us the tea on what’s what.

Razor E200

There is a generation of drivers out there that grew up with the iconic Razor scooters that you could push with your foot, and now you can own an electric version as an adult with the Razor E200. It didn’t get good ratings for range or acceleration but ranked well for braking and control response, though it lacked any additional features like a compatible Bluetooth app.

According to Consumer Reports, the electric version isn’t that much different from the ones we had has children and doesn’t look good when compared to the other electric scooters on this list. Maybe this one should have stayed a children’s toy because it’s not a good option for commuting.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

Like the name might suggest, the Xiaomi Mi is a top-of-the-line electric scooter option that will set you back around $700. While it is the more expensive scooter on this list, it’s got the best rating according to Consumer Reports.

The Xiaomi Mi also offers a Bluetooth compatible app, which isn’t necessary for standard operation but slightly enhances your riding experience. Consumer Reports gave it high ratings for acceleration and braking, as well as range.

Segway Ninebot ES3

Despite the name, the Ninebot ES3 isn’t your typical idea of a segway, but just another standard electric scooter. Consumer Reports says that there were a lot of positive things about this scooter that were comparable to the Xiaomi Mi, like the range and speed, but it was lacking in a few other aspects that caused it to receive a lower ranking.

The biggest complaint was that there was no hand-controlled brake system that allowed the user to quickly and easily bring the scooter to a complete stop. Instead, the braking system works by pressing the rear fender to the wheel, like you would on a normal foot-pedal scooter. The ES3 also has a Bluetooth app for an enhanced commuting experience.

Segway Ninebot SE3 folded for easy transport | Segway

Hear Me Out: You Should Buy An Electric Scooter

There are a lot of electric scooters out there on the market, many from these majors brands and a ton more from others, but only customer reviews can tell us how people really feel about commuting them. Commuting with an electric scooter isn’t ideal for everyone, but it is an unexpected and low-cost option that is great to avoid city traffic and parking.