Consumer Reports: Surprising Most Reliable Minivans of 2020

Minivans don’t always get a lot of hype –– they don’t need it. They are marketed as functional family-friendly vehicles. Utility comes first followed by quality inspired by hours of commuting to school and practices with the entire family loaded up. Which are the most reliable minivans of 2020?

Minivans, equipped with sliding doors and a surplus of cupholders, entertainment systems and a vast range of optional add-ons, are a family’s best friend. For the smart buyer that has made the decision to trade style for superior functionality it’s important to make sure that you find the best minivan out there before investing in the new addition to the family. 

Chrysler Pacifica

There are a few leading minivans out there today. You may expect to see a Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Odyssey in the Consumer Reports top three. But CR has surprised with its ratings yet again.

The 2020 Dodge Caravan

The 2020 Dodge Caravan is third from the top on the CR list of overall minivan ratings with a score of 65. The Dodge Caravan has a price range of $27,530 – $35,535. CR mentions the cabin comfort and spacious cargo of this Dodge minivan, as well as the low price point in comparison to others like the Honda Odyssey.

But this high rating honestly has us a little baffled. The Caravan earned poor crash test ratings and has a low gas mileage rating of 17 mpg overall. CR really didn’t have much positive to say. They seem to like the Odyssey and Pacifica better, so we are a little confused about the Caravan rating besting those two to make it in the top three most reliable minivans of 2020.

The 2020 Kia Sedona

The 2020 Kia Sedona scored an overall rating of 67 from CR and is their runner up for best 2020 minivan. It gets a reported overall 21 miles per gallon and has price range of $27,600 – $41,500.

CR give the Sedona loads of praise for the plush interior. But also explains how the driving experience did not leave them impressed. Again their review states that the Honda minivan is better, but the 2020 Kia Sedona somehow squeaked by.

The 2020 Toyota Sienna

This is one that we aren’t exactly shocked about. Toyota’s history for reliability precedes the 2020 Sienna. The Toyota Sienna earned the highest overall rating from CR for minivans.

With an overall score of 78, the 2020 Toyota Sienna is the most reliable, best-rated overall 2020 minivan. Its price-point is a few grand higher with a range of $13,640 – $49,415. Still, it earns decent marks across the board.

The 2020 Sienna is praised for its available all-wheel drive and well thought out spacious interior. It gets a competitive 21 miles per gallon average, according to CR, and it’s recommended by CR.

The most reliable 2020 minivans

The Dodge Caravan and the Kia Sedona are the somewhat surprising 2020 minivans that made it in the top three behind the Toyota Sienna –– according to CR.

We’d recommend the Toyota Sienna, and we’ve had some good things to say about both the Kia Sedona and the Dodge Caravan. But we are still a little surprised to see the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2020 Honda Odyssey rate below the Kia minivan and the Dodge minivan.

2020 Honda Odyssey

Regardless of what we think, the facts remain. Consumer Reports has named the 2020 Toyota Sienna, the 2020 Kia Sedona, and the 2020 Dodge Caravan the year’s top three most reliable minivans.