Consumer Reports Shows the Tesla Model S and Model Y Have Rock-Bottom Reliability and Multiple Recalls, but Sky-High Owner Satisfaction

Just look around, and you will probably see how popular Tesla electric vehicles have become in recent years. Depending on where you live, Tesla’s might be all over the place. This brainchild of Elon Musk has a cult following. However, that cult following doesn’t translate to consumer publications like Consumer Reports. The magazine released its reviews for the 2022 models of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y EVs, and its reliability scores are not as excited as the Tesla loyalists. 

Elon Musk and Tesla vehicles have a dedicated following 

The Tesla Model S electric luxury midsize sedan and Tesla Model Y luxury electric compact SUV
The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y | Tesla

It is hard to go a day without hearing something about Elon Musk on the news or on Twitter. According to The New Statesman, Musk is the wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of around $300 billion. His wealth even skyrocketed by $36 billion in one day when Tesla hit the $1 trillion value mark. He is undoubtedly a mover and a shaker with a very loyal following. Loyal investors may find him dangerous and volatile, but his followers find him refreshingly relatable and trust his products and recommendations.

Hot Cars reports that Tesla has been breaking sales records worldwide. Tesla allows buyers to be a part of the future of electric vehicles at an affordable price point. A Tesla is attainable and aspirations,l and for this, it has a cult following. 

Tesla is years ahead of its competitors in research, battery manufacturing, and changing infrastructure. The Tesla superchargers are the most consistently available and the least likely to leave you stranded without a charge. It is a lifestyle choice to own a Tesla. You get a mix of technology and motoring in one vehicle and a quirky billionaire to follow to boot. 

Consumer Reports gave the Model S and Model Y terrible reliability scores

Tesla may have a very loyal following and high owner satisfaction scores, but Consumer Reports is not as much of a fan. The popular consumer magazine has not-so-great ratings for the 2022 Tesla Model S and 2022 Tesla Model Y electric cars. Here is what the team has to say. 

2022 Tesla Model S on Consumer Reports

  • Overall Score: 60
  • Road Test: 88/100 
  • Predicted Reliability: 1/5 
  • Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 5/5
  • Comments: “The updated Tesla Model S probably would have garnered the highest road-test score we’ve ever recorded if it weren’t for its new yoke-style steering wheel. The yoke….and the other control changes that come with it, bring major compromises in usability, maneuverability, and comfort. It’s a shame because the fully-electric Model S is otherwise an amazing car.” 

2022 Tesla Model Y on Consumer Reports

  • Overall Score: 59
  • Road Test: 90/100
  • Predicted Reliability: 1/5
  • Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 5/5 
  • Comments: “The Model Y is essentially an SUV version of the Model 3, sharing key underpinnings, equipment, and features. We found it quick, agile, and roomy, but it’s plagued with the same distracting controls and nearly as stiff of a ride as the Model 3.”

Tesla Owners don’t care about poor reliability 


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The performance, comfort, and environmental Consumer Reports scores of both the Model S and Model Y range from good to great, while the reliability scores for both EVs are terrible. Still, that doesn’t stop loyal owners from coming back for more. Tesla fans and loyalists still consider Teslas to be excellent vehicles to drive. It could just be that Tesla owners feel reliability is a trade-off they are willing to make for the privilege of driving a great car. After all, Teslas are great cars, but only when they’re working correctly.