Consumer Reports Says to ‘Not be Tempted’ by this SUV

Automakers often target marketing efforts to specific consumers. As car buyers, it’s our job to decipher the difference between a genuine good buy and a hard sell gimmick. In our corner, we have Consumer Reports and often rely on their sentiments and suggestions before we buy. When it comes to the options for SUVs in 2020, there are a ton of really great models out there. But, we found one Consumer Reports recommendation, warning consumers not to be tempted by this SUV in particular. We wanted to learn more.

The SUV stage is full of quality contenders

If you need an SUV, you’ll have a wide variety from which to choose. Whether you need a subcompact, compact, or midsize model, you’re sure to find the best fit for you and your lifestyle. A few top-rated contenders include the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, and Ford Explorer.

Each presenting tons of options and features, powertrains, and unique looks, finding the perfect SUV is easy. Before you make your final decision, you’ll want to consider safety, fuel-economy, capacity, and overall value.

The model that may sound tempting, but comes with concerns

In a recent report from Consumer Reports, one SUV comes to light with a few concerns. You may already be tempted to take the plunge with the 2020 Dodge Journey but sit tight. It may look good on paper, especially with its competitive price. But, it presents plenty of less than stellar points in a variety of areas.

Why Consumer Reports cites caution with this SUV

It may sound intriguing, with its reduced pricing and seating for seven. But there are some concerning stats that may affect your buying decision. Consumer Reports cites the SUV lacks agility and terrible fuel economy.

In addition to overall performance shortcomings, a significant factor for disappointment might be with the Dodge Journey’s safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers poor marks in small-overlap front crash tests. But wait, there’s more. CR and IIHS aren’t the only two organizations that aren’t impressed with the Journey this year.

What the expert reviews say

We dove into reviews from the experts in various arenas, including Car and Driver, the Car Connection, and CNet. The sentiments are overwhelmingly unimpressed. It’s the cheapest SUV on the market, and rightfully so considering it remains unchanged in design and upgrades.

Some say the 2020 Dodge Journey is showing its age with its sloppy driving dynamics. New for this year, say goodbye to the V6 and AWD. The only engine available is the 2.4L I4 with 172 horses.

Gas mileage

Does downsizing the engine mean better gas mileage? Unfortunately, the experts are still warning consumers to be conscious of anticipating fuel expenses before they buy. The EPA rated the 2020 Journey at 19 and 25 mpg. Just to compare, the Honda Pilot gets 19 and 27 mpg, but with the bigger V6 engine.

It’s not all bad

While the reviews aren’t flattering, the 2020 Dodge Journey isn’t all bad. It does offer the third-row seat, a prerequisite for many consumers. The interior may not provide top quality, but it does have user-friendly tech and infotainment options. It may have awful fuel economy, but that may not matter, considering the thousands saved on the MSRP purchase price.

Don’t be tempted in the wrong direction when it’s time to buy your next SUV. If it sounds too good, it may be misleading. In the case of the 2020 Dodge Journey, weigh your personal preferences and budgets against the recommendations of the experts before you pull the trigger on a purchase. You may find a better value in Palisade, Pilot, or Telluride.