Consumer Reports Says These Are the Most Reliable 2021 Brands

Consumer Reports is out with its 2021 Most Reliable Brands list and there are a lot of changes from 2020. At the top is Mazda followed by BMW, while last year’s winner Porsche moved down to fourth place. Picking up the bottom of the Consumer Reports list is Alfa Romeo with sibling Fiat, which had the dubious honor the past four years, didn’t even make it to the list this year. 

Lincoln dropped from 13th last year to 28th in 2021

A 2021 Lincoln Nautilus in Flight Blue travels on a two-lane paved road lined by foliage
2021 Lincoln Nautilus in Flight Blue | Ford Motor Company

One surprise was Lincoln which dropped from 13th last year to 28th in 2021. Both the Aviator and Corsair ranked well in Consumer Report’s testing but fell way back when it comes to reliability. Another was Tesla, which dropped in a similar fashion. It went from 11th to 16th place due to problems with the Model S, Model Y, and Model X. Only the Model 3 got the “recommended” score from Consumer Reports. 

Conversely, Honda fared much better for 2021. Last year it only hit 15th place according to Automotive News. This year it moved up to fifth. Other brands that did better this year are Chrysler, at number eight, and Buick at number nine. This is only the second time that two American brands made it to the Top 10 list. Other American brands seeing an improvement were Dodge moving up to 14th place, and Cadillac eeking up to 22nd. 

Swimming at the bottom of the ratings after Alfa Romeo were Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Jeep, and Lincoln. Chevy, Ford, and GMC were number 24,25, and 26 respectively. 

Toyota scored the most vehicles in the Most Reliable Brands Top 10

The Toyota Camry parked in front of a city skyline
2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

With four of the Top 10 going to Toyota it scored the most vehicles in the Top 10. With the Prius as one of those four, it completes 18 years of being in the Top 10. Now there will be a “Green Choice” category for the first time that will inform consumers about hybrid, electric, and hydrogen vehicles. 

For the first Green Choice, the top four are the Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Camry, and Tesla Model 3. Winners in this category have to do well in road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. Those that do well receive a “green leaf” icon in its rating. 

Vehicles are tested and evaluated for 6,000 miles each. Braking, handling, comfort, convenience, safety, and fuel economy are all rated as part of the testing. Consumer Reports purchases the vehicles and does not accept “free samples.” You can see the full list below.

Consumer Reports Most Reliable Brands 2021 | CR
Consumer Reports Most Reliable Brands 2021 | CR

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