Consumer Reports Recommends Nearly Every Honda CR-V Model Year It’s Ever Tested

The Honda CR-V is virtually always at the top of its class across the board. It’s a versatile compact crossover SUV that offers ample cargo space and thrifty fuel economy. Most trusted critics love the CR-V. In fact, Consumer Reports recommends nearly every Honda CR-V model year it’s ever tested. 

A red 2020 Honda CR-V parked in the dirt near mountains
2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid | honda

Which Honda CR-V model years does Consumer Reports recommend? 

The question that’s simpler to answer here is actually which Honda CR-V model years does Consumer Reports not recommend? For generations spanning across over two decades, the CR-V missed the badge on only seven models. Those numbers are looking pretty good. Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend the model years it tested before 2004. 

In addition, the 2006 and 2007 Honda CR-V model years didn’t earn the badge of honor either. Then 10 models later, the 2017 Honda CR-V also evaded the award. However, scrolling through the Consumer Reports pages on the many models of the CR-V shows this one to largely come out in favor. 

A rear quarter view of a green 2009 Honda CR-V parked in the city.
2009 Honda CR-V | Honda Media

We can assume that the older models were just not quite up to par due to its more rough around the edges nature back then. While it did boast the option for all-wheel drive and a cute adventurous design, the Honda CR-V in the early 2000s hadn’t quite ironed out all of its kinks yet. 

These models show only average 3/5 reliability ratings. By 2004, however, things start looking better. The 2004 Honda CR-V earned a 4/5 reliability rating. Reliability ratings dipped back down to an average score of 3/5 during the 2006 and 2007 model years.

The 2007 Honda CR-V, for example, was recalled 11 times. In addition, it was the first model of a new generation for the CR-V. This compact SUV suffered from common problems with the climate system as well as the electronics. But the issues were resolved quickly and reliability ratings went up again in 2008. 

The Honda CR-V is a practical compact SUV with a legacy

a 2021 Honda CR-V driving in a suburban neighborhood
2021 Honda CR-V | Honda

5 Good Used SUVs Recommended by Consumer Reports

After 2008, only the 2017 Honda CR-V model year came up short. This was also the first model of a new redesign. Consumer Reports tells us that the most common 2017 CR-V problems include in-car electronics and power equipment. Again, this is pretty typical for the first year of a generation. 

So, it’s no surprise that the reliability ratings decreased incrementally here. However, it is surprising the sheer number of recommendation badges the Honda CR-V has from Consumer Reports as a whole. The 2021 and 2022 Honda CR-V are great new compact SUV options. 

That said, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2008, and more all make for great used car options. With high ratings like this, buyers may want to take a second look at this humble character in the compact SUV segment. It may not be exciting per se, but the Honda CR-V has so many Consumer Reports recommendations that it’s difficult to pass up. It’s a reliable option that offers plenty of bang for your buck in addition to being straightforward and inexpensive to maintain.