Consumer Reports Only Recommends 1 Luxury Large 2022 SUV

SUVs are not a one-size-fits-all situation. Luxury large SUVs need an upscale interior, tons of features, and be able to haul plenty of people. Which new luxury large SUVs impressed the experts at Consumer Reports? The 2022 BMW X7 is the only model to receive the highly-coveted “recommended” label.

Consumer Reports recommends the 2022 BMW X7

A blue 2023 BMW X7 - the only luxury large SUV recommended by Consumer Reports.
2023 BMW X7 | BMW

Consumer Reports tested the 2022 BMW X7 and decided it had what buyers needed. Starting with the road test, CR gave it the highest score in its class by far. Additionally, it scored well in nearly every other category. The review highlights include the powertrain, fit and finish, and interior room. You’ll find the BMW X7 is a well-built, spacious SUV with a punchy powertrain that’ll feel as good as it looks.

Next, CR loves the smooth ride of the X7. Like many BMW models, the luxurious SUV is silky as it drives down the road. Additionally, despite its power, the SUV remains quiet. Moreover, riding inside the vehicle is nearly silent, an excellent and luxurious bonus.

Other luxury large SUVs fail to impress Consumer Reports

The 2022 BMW X7 is the only recommended luxury large SUV by Consumer Reports
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

In the luxury large SUV segment, various automakers have plenty of offerings. However, none managed to be good enough to earn a recommendation from Consumer Reports. The second and third-ranked models are the Lincoln Navigator and Buick Enclave. Unfortunately, both scored far lower than the BMW X7 and didn’t come close to receiving a recommendation.

For the second-place Navigator, CR disliked a long list of things. Firstly, front-seat comfort wasn’t up-to-snuff compared to the BMW offering. Next, the gear selector is unintuitive and could be challenging to use at first. In addition, the Navigator doesn’t handle as well as competitors and offers feeble fuel economy.

In third is the Buick Enclave, which fell just short of the Navigator. Like the Lincoln model, CR disliked the unintuitive gear selector and fuel economy. Additionally, only the top trim levels get advanced safety features, which is disappointing. Hiding safety features behind a paywall never sits well with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports loves the 2022 BMW X7


Is the 2022 BMW X7 Worth It?

Consumer Reports loves almost everything about the 2022 BMW X7. Of all the luxury large SUVs, it’s the only one that seems to get it right. As a bonus, some other things are better than you’d expect. Most people wouldn’t expect excellent fuel economy from a large SUV, however, the X7 does well. Averaging 14 city and 32 highway mpg, the X7’s combined 22 mpg is far better than rivals.

Additionally, CR noted that its driving experience with the SUV was perfect. Along with comfort, the luxury large SUV is the ideal people-hauler. The only place it lacks is value, as the X7 is a bit pricey. Not that the BMW offering lacks features, it’s just overpriced. For example, the base model starts at $74,900, while the most expensive trim will run you $141,300.

In conclusion, according to Consumer Reports, the 2022 BMW X7 is the best luxury large SUV. It’s the only model to receive a recommendation from the expert reviewers. In such a crowded segment, it’s surprising that no other model managed to impress CR. Consumer Reports only recommends one luxury large SUV, the 2022 BMW X7.