Consumer Reports Recommended Every Porsche Vehicle They Tested

Each year, Consumer Reports determines which car brands are the best on the market. At the top of their list this year is Porsche, which led the pack when it came to road tests, predicted reliability, and owner satisfaction feedback from CR members.

Why did CR give top honors to Porsche on their distinguished list? Which Porsche models did CR test, and how did they do? 

The best cars according to Consumer Reports

With an overall score of 86 out of 100, Porsche edged out Genesis to be CR’s Best Car Brand for 2020. Considering Genesis and Subaru hung onto the second and third spots on the list for 2020, Porsche made an impressive jump to claim top honors.

Consumer Reports takes reviewing products very seriously, even when it comes to vehicles which can be quite expensive. They actually buy the vehicles they evaluate from the manufacturer. The idea is to recreate the consumer experience as closely as they can.

The Porsche vehicles impressed the CR team on several different fronts. The road tests CR conducts are rigorous and cover different road conditions and terrains. They test the vehicles’ performance and handling. The team looks at the vehicle’s comfort and space. A brief read of any of their reviews will tell you how thoroughly they judge each vehicle.

Next, they evaluate the mountains of survey data from subscribers. Did these owners find the vehicle in question reliable? Were they satisfied with it? Would they buy another? 

Three test cars

The CR team has evaluated three 2020 Porsche models so far this year. They recommended all three, which also helped put Porsche at the top of the list. 

The Porsche 718 Boxster

The Consumer Reports team had a lot of fun driving the 718 Boxster. They liked it so much that they gave it a 95 out of 100 on their road test scale. 

The team admired the Boxster’s handling and responsiveness. They found it very balanced with a ride that was firm but not overly so. There are two turbo engines that deliver satisfying power and two great transmissions. One is a seven-speed automatic that mimics a manual wonderfully. There’s a manual transmission available too.

The power top is well designed and opens and closes efficiently. The cabin is top-quality with lots of impressive technology. You’ll need to learn what all the buttons and controls do, but it’s a minor issue. The trunk is at the front, which many will enjoy and find useful.

The Porsche Cayenne

While the Porsche Cayenne is an SUV, it feels a lot like a sports car and offers exceptional luxury. The Cayenne handles like a sports car, and the CR team admired the way it took to curvy roads. They rated the Cayenne an 87 on their scale of 100 for road tests. 

The team found the base turbo V6 engine to have great acceleration once the vehicle was up to speed. It was a little quirky when first put into motion. Otherwise, the performance was smooth. They noticed the ride was firm, and not all the bumps they encountered in the road were absorbed.  

The Porsche Cayenne offers a great deal of comfort and innovative tech though it comes with a slight learning curve. The Porsche Cayenne has standard auto emergency braking. If you want the surround-view camera setup, blind-spot alerts, and lane-keeping assist, it will cost extra.

The Porsche Macan

If you want a vehicle that feels like a sports car with the utility of an SUV, the Porsche Macan may be for you. The CR team gave it an 84 out of 100 on its road test scale.

The CR team found the handling of the Macan to be among the best they’ve encountered. The Macan has a choice of a turbo four-cylinder engine or a turbo V6. They liked the consistent control they felt in the firm ride. It even has some hauling and towing capabilities though it wasn’t intended for such tasks.

They found the interior of the Macan, from the seats to all the little details, to be top-notch and upscale. There’s not an abundance of room in there, and the controls and buttons, again, have a little bit of a learning curve at first. However, the tech is quite good.

Why Porsche vehicles are so good

It’s easy to see why Porsche vehicles took the top spot on the Consumer Reports’ list of the best car brands this year. Aside from performing well in their road tests, all three tested vehicles got high marks on predicted reliability and customer satisfaction.

Porsche creates vehicles that handle dynamically and offer solid performance. The styling inside and out is consistently impressive, and there are hybrid and plug-in hybrid models offered.

The Porsche lineup has something for everyone. The smaller Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman are more affordable. There are SUVs for fans of those. All of them are distinctly Porsche and bring with them all the qualities that name entails.