Consumer Reports Ranks This Mid-Size Truck Over the Toyota Tacoma

The mid-size truck market is one that has plenty of practical and useful options. Whether it be the 2022 Toyota Tacoma or the 2022 Ford Ranger, there are a variety of models available that can fit different needs and budgets. But, according to Consumer Reports, one of these mid-size trucks is better than the other. For 2022, the publication has chosen to recommend the Ranger over the Tacoma, which may be a shock to some. Especially considering the popularity of the Toyota Tacoma over the years.

The 2022 Ford Ranger mid-size truck earns Consumer Reports’ recommendation

A blue Ford Ranger carries various gear in a remote area as a mid-size truck.
2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

Since its reintroduction to the US market in 2019, the Ford Ranger has received praise from buyers and critics alike. So it’s no surprise that it is now a recommended truck by Consumer Reports. The publication ranks it under the 2022 Honda Ridgeline and 2022 Ford Maverick, but still, this mid-size truck is in third place. 

Consumer Reports notes that the new Ranger can tow up to 7,500 and can even come with some off-road capability. But, at the end of the day, this is still a mid-size truck, so do not expect the type of driving comfort you will find in a full-size sedan. According to Consumer Reports, the Ranger XLT trim offers some good value proposition. This includes things like blind-spot monitoring and forward-collision warning.

According to Consumer Reports, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma comes in fifth

A 2022 Toyota Tacoma shows off its capability as a mid-size truck in a desert area.
2022 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

You may not know it from the Tacoma’s strong following, but for 2022, the Toyota Tacoma is not recommended by Consumer Reports. That does not necessarily mean the Tacoma is a bad truck, it still has Toyota reliability and utility on its side. It seems like the biggest issue that the publication had with this Toyota truck is its old-school feel. Despite coming with a number of modern features, Consumer Reports says the Tacoma “drives like a primitive, agricultural-era relic.” But to some, that’s a plus.

The popularity of the Toyota Tacoma mid-size truck is reflected in its strong resale value. It is not uncommon for Tacoma models with high mileage to command a premium over other trucks. And that is something that has been deemed as the Toyota tax. 

2022 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2022 Ford Ranger

In terms of which of these trucks is better, part of it comes down to consumer preference. But, we do feel the Tacoma may be better than the Ranger. With the new Tacoma, buyers can opt for an available V6 engine, something that is not available to the 2022 Ford Ranger. Additionally, the Tacoma is one of the few trucks that still offers an available manual transmission. Which is something that off-roaders are likely to appreciate.

That said, even with its single turbocharged engine, the Ranger can still out tow the Tacoma. It also has a better-predicted fuel economy. With today’s gas prices, new truck buyers are interested in vehicles that don’t break the bank at the pump. And with the new Ranger, that will be less of a concern. Which may have something to do with Consumer Reports’ decision to place the 2022 Ranger over the 2022 Tacoma.

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