Consumer Reports Previewed the Tesla Cybertruck While Delays Plague Production

The Cybertruck is one of the more exciting things to come out of one of the most innovative brands on the market. Consumer Reports previewed the Tesla Cybertruck this month, but what did the company think about the truck from the future? Here is a Tesla Cybertruck update, even if production is at a glacial pace.

Consumer Reports on the Tesla Cybertruck

Consumer Reports Previewed the Tesla Cybertruck
Consumer Reports Previewed the Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

One of the first attributes give to the Cybertruck by Consumer Reports was “edgy,” which, to be fair, it is. However, CR has had a sordid history with Tesla products. Not all electric vehicles have impressed the brand, but that comes down to the annual auto surveys. These surveys take the temperature of how actual consumers feel about the cars, not just staff.

The EV brand recently pushed the Cybertruck release date until 2022 at the earliest, with the possibility of some reservations not seeing the truck until 2023. “It is easy to make prototypes, hard to do mass production,” CR quoted Elon Musk as saying. It will compete with vehicles like the All-Electric Silverado, Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC Hummer EV.

Beyond that, the Cybertruck has a lot of interesting features. There are three different models of the Tesla Cybertruck. The single motor rear-wheel-drive option started at $39,900 and 250 miles of range. The dual-motor all-wheel drive Cybertruck MSRP started at $49,900 and 300 miles of range. Finally, the tri-motor AWD option started at $69,000. Tesla says the tri-motor Cybertruck will offer 500 miles of range. All of these offered full self-driving for an extra $10,000.

When will the Cybertruck come out?

The Cybertruck steel exoskeleton | Tesla

One of the first comments from Consumer Reports is about the design of the vehicle. “The shape and structure raise all kinds of questions that will eventually be answered, including outward visibility, pedestrian compatibility, and most important, whether it is just a prank,” CR noted. The steel exoskeleton frame required a new manufacturing process to produce. This has also contributed to delays. The company called it “ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel,” which provided maximum protection for passengers.

The 500-mile range was a big selling point for the Tesla truck. The range has also been a major hangup for production. Getting the bigger batteries made to power the Cybertruck has not been easy. Production has been further hampered by semiconductor supply issues, staffing issues, and just overall general pandemic-related delays. The Tesla Cybertruck updates so far have been few and far between.

Tesla Model Y production will begin first


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Since Musk’s brand has not released official details on the Cybertruck safety systems, Consumer Reports thinks it will offer the same features. It is unlikely Tesla will remove features, so forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist will be around. Tesla offered Full Self-Driving during the ordering process, but this has changed to a monthly subscription model. These are supposedly more advanced safety features than what is currently offered. That is TBD.

Tesla focused on getting Tesla Model S deliveries rolling while the new facility in Texas is under construction. The Tesla Model Y is slated for production before the Cybertruck assembly begins.