Consumer Reports Only Recommends 1 Large Luxury SUV

For decades, Detroit manufacturers have been installing luxury bodies on truck frames. The Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator have long dominated the Large Luxury SUV market. But times are a-changing and Detroit’s methods no longer cut it: the only large luxury SUV Consumer Reports recommends in 2022 is the BMW X7.

Consumer Reports’ BMW X7 review

The 2022 BMW X7 is the only large luxury SUV Consumer Reports recommends. The review swooned over the SUV’s sportiness, ride quality, and interior.

This is a black leather interior in a BMW X7 luxury suv.
BMW X7 interior | BMW AG

The team at Consumer Reports gave the BMW X7 a glowing review. The publication pointed out that BMW managed to translate most of the X5’s sporty handling to the full-frame SUV.

In the BMW X7 review, Consumer Reports gave 5/5 to many aspects of the SUV. The transmission, lack of cabin noise, interior fit and finish, front-seat comfort, second-row comfort (equipped with captain’s chairs), overall driving experience, and overall comfort all earned perfect scores.

Consumer Reports opted for an X7 with captain’s chairs in the second row. But these optional seats do not fold forward and did not offer much cargo room. In any configuration, the X7’s third row of seats does fold forward. But overall, Consumer Reports gave the X7’s trunk/cargo area a 2/5.

Consumer Reports also struggled with BMW’s electronics and driver aids. It noted a steep learning curve for the infotainment system and an overly aggressive lane-keep assist.

Is BMW X7 reliable?

Consumer Reports gave the last three model years of the BMW X7 an average reliability score of 45/100. The BMW tied with the Lincoln Navigator and outranked every other large SUV. The 2022 BMW X7 earned a predicted reliability score of 3/5 or “average.”

A black 2022 BMW X7 in a solid white room.
2022 BMW X7 | BMW AG

The X7 comes with BMW’s 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder. It also has an eight speed automatic. Consumer Reports pointed out that the powertrain can rocket the big vehicle to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds–and gets 22 mpg. BMW rolled out a V8 version in 2020, but Consumer Reports urged buyers to stick with the V6.

Is BMW X7 good in the snow?

BMW did not engineer its X7 with serious off-roading in mind. That said, every X7 offers AWD. Drivers expecting exceptionally poor driving conditions can also opt for locking differentials.

Another standard feature of the BMW X7 is its air-ride suspension. This technology endows the BMW X7 with an exceptionally smooth ride, even over potholes or other obstacles. But in addition, the X7’s driver can adjust the SUV’s suspension height to better navigate off-road.

Finally, the BMW X7 offers an off-road driver aid: hill descent control. The X7’s driver can set a low speed and, just like cruise control, the SUV controls the accelerator and brake pedal to creep along a trail. This leaves the driver free to focus on steering.

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