Consumer Reports Names the 2022 Lexus GX the Most Reliable Vehicle

Consumer Reports just released its list of the most reliable cars, and everybody wants to know which SUVs are on it. The 2022 Lexus GX tops the list as the most reliable SUV. Actually, it isn’t just the most reliable SUV, it’s the most reliable car. Lexus moves into the number one spot this year, and its GX beats out five other SUVs in the top ten to take that position. Let’s look at the 2022 Lexus GX reliability, price, and interior to get a better picture of what makes this luxury SUV so great.

A white 2022 Lexus GX in front of misty trees.
2022 Lexus GX | Lexus

The 2022 Lexus GX is the most reliable SUV

The 2022 Lexus GX is the most reliable SUV right now. Consumer Reports gives it a reliability rating of 5/5. This is in line with previous Lexus SUV model’s reliability ratings, including the 2019, 2020, and 2021. Each of these Lexus GX model years got a 5/5 for reliability. There’s no reliability rating for the 2018 Lexus GX, but the 2017 Lexus GX also has a 5/5 for reliability.

How does Consumer Reports determine the most reliable car manufacturers?

To determine the most reliable car manufacturers, Consumer Reports uses surveys that it sends out to gather information about how well cars, trucks, and SUVs hold up. It takes into account 17 different common trouble areas. These include small annoyances like squeaky brakes to bigger problems like transmission and four-wheel drive problems. It assigns each of these issues a score from 1 to 100 to determine which are the most reliable cars, and which are the least.

Consumer Reports says that SUV models with good ratings will be the most reliable cars. They should give their owners fewer problems than other SUVs. They must have at least two model years’ worth of data to determine how reliable they are. The SUVs on the Consumer Reports list are the most reliable SUVs from the most reliable car manufacturers.

What’s the 2022 GX price?


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The 2022 Lexus GX starts at about $55,425, though the price can go up to $64,935. You can buy either the 2022 Lexus GX base model or the 2022 Lexus GX Luxury trim. The 2022 GX comes with a V8 engine that makes 301 hp and 329 lb-ft of torque.

Consumer Reports says that the Lexus GX interior is quiet and nice. It calls it comfortable and say that it has a “high level of refinement.” Controls are easy to use and the 2022 Lexus GX features a touchscreen. Although it’s a three-row SUV, it isn’t exactly spacious.

Altogether, the 2022 Lexus GX is a reliable luxury SUV that will certainly appeal to a great number of buyers. The fact that the 2022 GX is also the most reliable car right now (and not just the most reliable SUV), is certainly a selling point for it. Although the Lexus GX might get phased out of the Lexus SUV model lineup, it’s entirely possible this recent accolade will boost its profile, at least for now.